Chris Morley

Commercial Director - Market Engine

Chris Morley is the Commercial Director of Market Engine, a company that was specifically created to help western businesses connect with China through eCommerce, current clients include Australia Post, Capilano, Jessica’s Suitcase, SPC and ecostore. Chris’ role involves working with western brands on China pathways as well as marketing, sales and PR for Market Engine.

Chris is extremely passionate about Australian businesses growing their footprint overseas and doing so through ecommerce; using over 10 years of retail and eCommerce experience – previously Chris was Managing Director for Premium Australia Foods. Being based in Shanghai and building a sales and distribution network for ambient and fresh food that included online platforms Tmall, YHD, JD, Amazon China and SFHT; with offline sales to The Radisson, Hilton and several supermarkets and restaurants in Shanghai.


Monday, 5 June - 2:00pm Panel: China strategy – getting it right and avoiding pitfalls in the new Gold Rush