Jarrah Eddy

Naturopath and Nutritionist - Invitation to Health

Jarrah is a highly qualified Naturopath & Nutritionist. She completes post graduate studies every year to keep up to date with the latest scientific and clinical research and has many years of experience working alongside integrative GP’s and therapists.

She enjoys helping kids and adults alike find a path back to health, working with conditions such as fatigue, stress/anxieties, sleep disorders, thyroid issues, chronic infections, immune issues and weight and metabolism issues. Education about food and nutrition is a key part of her work with patients.

She also has a special interest in children’s health, employing diet, nutrient, probiotic and herbal medicine for a range of conditions including Autistic Spectrum disorders, behavioral issues, learning difficulties, allergies/intolerances and digestive disorders.

Jarrah believes that when Naturopaths/Nutritionists are able to work closely with GPs, specialists and other therapists as a team, the best patient outcomes are achievable.


Monday, 5 June - 12:30pm East meets west – How integrative medicine is revolutionising health care