Julianne Grant

Naturopath and Herbalist - Carlton Natural Health and Optimal RX

Julianne Grant is an experienced Melbourne-based Naturopathic practitioner with a special interest in the management of chronic disease, including autoimmune conditions, cancer, and chronic infections. Alongside her practice, Julianne is also a researcher, technical writer, and educator for leading Australian herbal medicine company, OptimalRx.

Julianne has worked in the health industry for over 17 years in varied roles within hospitals, sporting associations and private practice. She is passionate about education, both of her clients and of the Naturopathic profession, and invests a great deal of time researching and implementing advances in natural medicine. With a keen interest in herbal medicine, Julianne is expanding her lecturing and seminar sessions throughout 2017, providing health practitioners with current research and innovative natural medicine strategies.


Sunday 4, June - 1:30pm Treating Resistant Infections with Herbal Medicines