Complementary Medicines Pavilion

As consumers become more aware and focused on the benefits of natural health and wellness, retailers and health practitioners must remain ahead of the curve on the latest products coming to market. Demand for products like vitamins, mineral, herbal and nutritional supplements is at an all time high, expected to grow to $4.6 billion this year.

New in 2017, the Complementary Medicines Pavilion will showcase the best, newest and most in demand products you should be retailing and prescribing to aid your customers and patients and to boost your bottom line.

Earn CPE Points

The pavilion has a dedicated Practitioner Seminar Theatre with two full days of clinical, research and business led education that will keep you abreast of conditions, treatments, and deliver practical business advice to help you in your daily practice. Topics covered include:

  • Functional testing
  • Gut health
  • MTHFR and methylation
  • Nutrigenomics and chronic disease
  • The business case for integrating natural medicines with pharmacy
  • Plus access to sessions on social media, digital marketing, business strategy and more

Who’s coming?
  • Naturopaths (both in-store and private practice)
  • Pharmacists and Pharmacy Assistants
  • Dieticians & Nutritionists
  • Other Practitioners (Homeopaths, Herbalists etc)

Reviews from past visitors

“Pharmacy is evolving. We came back with a lot of things we’d never seen that will give us the edge. We’re definitely glad we went down!”
Susie Pagano, Pharmacist/Owner
Terry White Chemist (Lutwyche, Qld)

“My clients are so savvy that I need to be here so I can make better recommendations to them. It’s incredibly important for naturopaths and herbalists to keep their skills going and knowing the products and the industry is part of that.”
Tobey-Ann Pinder, Naturopath

  “We’re ecstatic! Naturally Good has given me some great ideas, information on products, trends, where the industry is going and what other people are doing.”
Con Dasios, Pharmacist
Synergy Pharmacy and Health

“Naturally Good was the best expo I have ever been to!!! The people and the products were just amazing… natural, pure and the best quality. You have to attend both days – not just one. Coming from Melbourne it was well worth it!”
Georgia Lagoudakis, Owner
Radiant Wellbeing

“This is so efficient. It’s two days with lots of customers, lots of suppliers, lots of information… this would take me weeks to do if I was back in my office.”
Ilonka Schneider, Health Category Buyer
Malouf Pharmacies

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