3-4 Jun 2024

Round Table Discussions

Business Summit


Round Table Topics & Speakers


Sit side by side with an elite team of specialists who’ve walked the same path to talk through some of your biggest challenges in your business and have all your burning questions answered in an interactive and intimate session.

1. Business Strategy and Exporting to the US
Bob Burke, Principal and Founder, Natural Products Consulting
2. Business Strategy and Exporting to the US
Tim Sperry, President, The Tim Sperry Group
3. Innovation Strategy, Domestic & Export Markets
Dr. Angeline Achariya, CEO, Food Innovation Centre
Chris Thomas, Managing Director, PLAY Market Research
4. Business Strategy, Food and Beverage, Vitamins and Supplements
Peter Barraket, Strategic Advisor, Natural Core
5. How to Dominate and Grow a Leading Health Brand
Gillian Fish, CEO, 6AM Agency
6. Capital Raising
Samuel McLennan, Mentor, Unique Mentors
Ian Markram, Adviser, Unique Mentors
7. How to Private Label and Amazon Strategy
Bill Trainor, Marketing Impact Group and Chair of Private Label Manufacturers Association
8. Export Strategy and Global Markets
Najib Lawand, Director, Export Connect
9. Complementary Medicines, Functional Foods, New Product Development, Business Strategy, Marketing, Claims and Regulations
Samantha Fallon, Director, Sapphire Health Enterprises
10. China Strategy and Export Finance to South-East Asia
Tom Ellis, Investment Director, MAI Capital
Michael Mai, Managing Director, MAI Capital
11. China Strategy and How to Use Alibaba to Grow in China
Keiko Li, Senior Business Development Specialist (Beauty), Alibaba (Australia and New Zealand)
12. China Strategy and How to Use JD.com to Grow in China
Patrick Nestel, ANZ Regional Manager, JD.com
13. Business Strategy, Domestic and US Markets
Nick Jackson, CEO and Founder, Range Me
14. Digital Marketing in China
Dandan Cheng, COO & Founder, Sinorbis
Lonnie Feigenbaum, VP Sales and Business Development, Sinorbis
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