1-2 Jun 2020

Marketing Tools

You’ve made a big investment in Naturally Good and we want to make sure you see the results.

Logo, Digital Banners and Email Signature

Add a web banner and email signature to your advertising, marketing communications and website – it’s the easiest way to make Naturally Good work harder for you and your business. Add the Naturally Good logo to your collateral and be sure to follow our brand guidelines.

Promote your involvement by adding a click-through to our website, linking this to: naturallygood.com.au

Download email signature.

Download the Naturally Good Logos.

Download digital banners.

Hard Copy and Email Invitations

Hard copy invitations (standard bundle of 50 per exhibitor) will be sent out early March to the address nominated on your stand contract, along with any additional requests from the Exhibitor Services Website. If you want more hard copy flyers, email Lakisha with your address & quantity.

Download Naturally Good 2019 Invitation Flyer.

You will also receive an email invitation that you can forward to your clients and prospects, inviting them to visit you at the show. You can send out a html file or outlook message file.

Download the html and outlook message file.

Blurb for your promotional material

Share the ready-to-use blurb highlighting the key reasons to attend Naturally Good this year. Feel free to include the blurb in your newsletter, social media posts and on your website.

Download the Naturally Good 2019 Blurb.

Content Sharing

Have you recently had editorial published? Do you produce case studies or whitepapers? Perhaps someone in your company is a regular blogger? Whether it’s educational or promotional, we can feature your content in our pre-show marketing to promote your products and position your company as an industry leader.

Send your content through to Joanne at jma@divcom.net.au

Exhibiting Tips and Advice

Better planning is the key to achieving better results. With this in mind we’ve written some simple and easy-to-read booklets to help you achieve an exceptional exhibition experience! Click here for more details.

Be sure to also take a look at our Exhibitor Marketing Plan. We’ve come up with a simple plan to help you promote your presence at the show and make the most out of your time with us at Naturally Good. Click here for the Exhibitor Marketing Plan. 

Make sure to also check out our Exhibiting Tips Guide. We’ve created a checklist for you to use to help maximize your show experience and make sure things run smoothly during your time with us. Click here for the Exhibiting Tips Guide.

Join Us on Social Media

Let the world know about your involvement in Naturally Good Expo 2019 on social media. Follow us on our Instagram and Facebook  channels to see what’s trending in the natural and organic space and promote any special offers or new products that you will be showcasing at our expo. Use our hashtag #NaturallyGoodExpo and we may just share or re-post you!

We have also made up social assets for you to use on your social media accounts for Instagram and Facebook. Share these around and get everyone excited about your involvement in Naturally Good 2019, and get those visitors to your stand!

Download Facebook Cover Image.

Download Facebook Image Posts. 

Download Instagram Image Posts. (Animated & Static)

Download Instagram Stories. (Animated & Static)

Advertise with our Media Partners

We’ve partnered with Professional Beauty and SPA&CLINIC to promote Naturally Good 2019. Extend your promotion by taking up an advertising page with our partners.

Download Professional Beauty Media Kit.

Download SPA&CLINIC Media Kit. 

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