3-4 Jun 2024

Mimi Haircare

Mimi Haircare connects with Coles and Woolworths at Naturally Good


Introducing Mimi Haircare 

Mimi Haircare provides a 100% natural hair care solution for kids that actually works. Each year, retailers are increasingly eager to find safe children’s products at Naturally Good, due to rising demand.

Transforming haircare for kids 

Say goodbye to tangles and nasty ingredients, Mimi Haircare has changed the game for kid’s hair products. Unlike most haircare products, Mimi Haircare is transparent with the all-natural ingredients they use. Founder Emma Mackenzie has made it her mission to use plant-based ingredients across the entire range. 

Building connections with major retailers

For brands like Mimi Haircare, connecting with major retailers can be challenging. Exhibiting at Naturally Good provided Mimi Haircare with a unique opportunity to meet big retailers like Coles and Woolworths, all under one roof.

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