Loving Earth Plant-Based Regenerative Chocolate And Superfoods

Jun 22, 2023

Plant-based pioneers of superior, sustainable, and healthier chocolate, Loving Earth has amassed significance in the mainstream market with consistent growth. All products are certified organic, Australian-made, and ethically sourced without preservatives, pesticides, soy, or gluten.

Ethically driven, free-from, healthy indulgences that are good for you and the planet.

Unique Health Products is the proud preferred Australian distributor.

Founded in 2007, Scott Fry and Martha Butler crafted the first signature Loving Earth chocolate bar in their home kitchen and now operate from two Melbourne-based facilities to sustain demand. Loving Earth is Australia’s original plant-based superfood and chocolate brand demonstrating continuous growth and strong brand loyalty, with 288k+ Instagram followers.

Regenerative agriculture enhances ecosystem functions and increases biodiversity through cyclical farming processes harmonious with nature and community. Beyond sustainable, regenerative improves productivity and resilience to stabilise or reverse climate variations.

The mission-based ‘bean to bar’ brand collaborates with indigenous organic growers in Australia and Peru and implements regenerative growing methods without chemicals or synthetic fertilisers; to preserve and restore native ecosystems, conserve water, and prevent erosion.

Ingredient cultivation follows traditional permaculture systems and inherently connects with the natural environment for minimal impact. Where possible, the packaging is recyclable, compostable, and printed with vegetable inks. The brand trades directly with small-scale farmers and often pays above fair-trade wages.

Loving Earth’s ‘free from’ healthy indulgences include chocolate, pantry staples, superfoods, speciality buckinis and gluten-free cereal. The trending seasonal chocolates offer an impulse companion sale and high-turnover gifting opportunity.

Public awareness and environmental initiatives drive demand for plant-based alternatives in the chocolate confectionary segment. Globally esteemed paramount natural, organic, and healthy products event, Expo West 2023 reveals ‘regenerative’ is a prevailing trend as consumers demand more from the brands they buy. According to the World Economic Forum, at least 65% of consumers want to improve spending habits supporting health and sustainability. Further, eco-labels conveniently encourage sustainable purchases, with 90% of consumers supporting these claims.

Loving Earth embed consumer loyalty with better business methods and regenerative and social values alignment. In a recent successful crowdfunding campaign, the brand demonstrates the efficacy of transparency to solidify buyer connections. Loving Earth acquired AUD 485,006 in funding from 307 investors: a collective mission for planet-first plant-based products.

Media endorsements further elevate brand awareness. According to the Australian Retailers Association, 48% of Gen Z consumers want ‘innovative’ products, with 65% influenced by independent product reviews. Working to Restore by Esha Chhabra features Loving Earth in arguing the power of regenerative businesses. Established influencer and vegan baker, Georgia Irwin also advocates the brand to her 300k+ social followers.


Loving Earth core chocolate range includes 30g, 45g, and 80g bars with an RRP of AUD 3.30. Plus, nostalgic seasonal and themed treats. The drinking chocolate features generous signature chocolate chunks and consistently high customer ratings.


Distinctive to the market, Loving Earth Buckinis are activated, versatile and gluten-free, appealing to one in four Australians avoiding gluten. On-trend with functional foods, the buckwheat is soaked and activated, improving digestibility, and dehydrated for a crowd-pleasing crunch. Ideal for breakfast, smoothies or as a topper.

Complementing the top-selling Chocolate Clusters are Caramelised Clusters, Deluxe Clusters, Berry & Cacao Cereal and Nut & Seed Cereal. The Paleo Mix is suitable for low-carb and keto diets, in Berry Choc, and Protein Powder, RRP from AUD 10.95.

Pantry staples & superfoods

Loving Earth caters to consumer demand for benefits beyond standard nutrition with premium pantry offerings. Staples include Maca, Lucuma, Mesquite, Cacao Powder, Chia Seeds, Coconut Sugar and more, with an RRP of AUD 6.95. Superfoods include Yacon low-calorie and GI, high prebiotic natural sweetener, vitamin C-rich wildcrafted Gubinge Powder and Jilungin Dreaming Tea for relaxation and restful sleep with RRP from AUD 14.95. Maqui, Acai and Camu Camu are packed in rPET jars to divert waste from landfill.


Unique Health Products

Unique Health Products is Australia’s trusted wholesale distributor of natural products. Order Loving Earth and 4,500+ products from 250+ international and Australian brands online anytime at uhp.com.au.



Amanda Bertucci, Marketing & Communications Executive

Unique Health Products


1800 787 904

*Sources: DPI NSW, 2021; Regrow, 2023; World Economic Forum, 2023; BPS, 2022; ARA, 2023; MJA, 2020

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