Why Bragg is Australia’s #1 selling Apple Cider Vinegar

Apr 21, 2023

Since 1912, Bragg has been the trusted name for pantry staples with science-backed benefits. Bragg is synonymous with the #1 selling Apple Cider Vinegar in Australia and, re-introduced by demand, All Purpose Seasoning.

One Bragg ACV sells every three minutes and 38 seconds.*

Australians seek functional nutrition with health benefits beyond standard nutrition in an educated effort to make healthier choices. Make way for mainstream, as 9 in 10 consumers choose better-for-you products.

Bragg Live Food, America’s original health food company, originated in 1912. Founder Paul Bragg introduced science-backed, ingredient-led wellness products and encouraged vibrant, wholesome living.

One hundred years in the making, the iconic brand maintains solid global brand recognition and consumer loyalty for powerhouse products of exceptional quality.

2023 Spins data shows shoppers continue to buy natural products, outpacing conventional product sales growth. Conscious concerns are reliably increasing as consumers demand more from their products. In Australia, healthy pantry staples are growing 15.1% YOY.*

‘Bragg’ is synonymous with Apple Cider Vinegar. This hero household staple is versatile and brimming with benefits from cooking to self-care. Bragg ACV is organic, non-GMO, gluten free, vegan, and kosher; available in 473ml at $12.95 RRP and 946ml at $19.95 RRP. In recent experiments, 69.7% to 79% of consumers would pay between 5.6% and 91.5% more for healthier products. With many competing and lower-priced apple cider vinegar on the market, shopper’s beeline for Bragg as the trusted choice.

The perceived value of Bragg likely determines consumers’ willingness to pay (WTP) compared to other brands. Globally recognised and pioneering in the natural health category, consumers trust Bragg’s dedicated scientific advisory board for high-quality ingredient selection and proven accessible nourishment. Further, Bragg ACV is unpasteurised and not heated. The brand appeals to sustainability and nutrition sentiment by eliminating this process, preserving energy and in-demand gut-boosting benefits.

Bragg is USDA-certified organic and GMO-free, reducing the volume of toxic pesticides and synthetic fertilisers in the environment.
Raw and unfiltered Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar, or ACV, is made from organic apple cider vinegar and water fermented meticulously to retain the ‘mother’, or the cloudy substance at the bottom the bottle. This cobweb-like naturally formed microbial culture of enzymes, good bacteria and pre and probiotics promote gut health. Bragg standardises the product to 5% acidity dilution with water for consistency. The acetic acid content helps control appetite and weight management, healthy cholesterol, and blood sugar levels.

All Purpose Seasoning

Bragg All Purpose Seasoning, or ‘liquid gold’, is a soy sauce alternative from non-GMO verified soybeans, brimming with benefits; plant-based, umami-rich, gluten-free, kosher certified, not fermented, and free from alcohol, artificial colourants, preservatives, and synthetic fillers. It delivers sixteen essential amino acids for energy support, protein, and enzyme production.

Pantry staples

22% of Australians follow a predominately vegetarian diet, and 80% prioritise health and opt for natural, nutritious choices, avoiding artificial additives and preservatives. The complementary esteemed pantry range carries the brand’s promise of superior quality and includes nutritional yeast, organic seasoning, salad dressing and marinade, and unrefined and unfiltered olive oil.

Unique Health Products

Unique Health Products is Australia’s trusted wholesale distributor of natural products. Sample Bragg at Naturally Good from 1.30 pm to 5 pm on 5 June at Unique’s stand E30. Order Bragg and 4,500+ products from 250+ international and Australian brands online anytime at uhp.com.au.


Amanda Bertucci
Marketing & Communications Executive
Unique Health Products
1800 787 904
*Sources: AU Grocery Scan Data MAT YOY $ 24/3/23; InsideFMCG 2022; Spins Data, 2023; AU Grocery Scan Data QTR YOY $ 21/3/23; Wiley Online Library, 2022; The Fifth Estate, 2020; Nielsen, 2021

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