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May 10, 2021

Australia’s most popular health and well-being products trade show – The Naturally Good Expo – is only 3 weeks away!

Partnering with Australian Organic, Australian Made, Complementary Medicines Australia and others, retailers can see, sample and experience more than 220 exhibitors showcasing their products to industry across the food, beverages, beauty, personal care, health, home and lifestyle sectors.

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Hear top business leaders discuss marketing in the new age of health at Naturally Good 2021.

This year’s B2B expo will feature 22 experts speaking on a wide variety of business topics across 12 different presentation.

Highly anticipated speakers include Clare Winterbourn, founder of Born Bred – Australia’s first Tik Tok agency – who will unpack the topic of How to Successfully Market To Savvy Gen Z.

“Gen Z – those aged 26 and under – is rapidly becoming Australia’s next purchasing superpower, representing 20 per cent of our population and 30 per cent globally,” said Winterbourn. “Companies need to know the new rules of engagement and understand how their beliefs, behaviours, shopping and consumption habits differ to other generations – especially in relation to their older millennial siblings.”

Anastasia Lloyd-Wallis, General Manager Consumer Insights & Projects at Retail Doctor Group, will discuss Understanding Your Customers On An Emotional Level For Retail Success. “Do you sometimes find yourself heading to the shops for one item and leaving with a carload full of shopping bags? And what is it that turns you away from one brand and gets you magically drawn to another? It’s all part of the world of human decision making and its applications to consumer behaviour which is quite fascinating,” said Lloyd-Wallis.

“These days it’s vital that businesses understand these current trends in consumer behaviour and what this means for retailers. Specifically, they need to know how different consumer personalities can have an impact on their retail habits.”

The AFEX Business Summit will also be held Friday 28 May. Aimed at manufacturers and brands in the natural and organic space, it will cover consumer strategy, capital raising and ecommerce, as well as upcoming trends and insights for 2021.

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The Naturally Good Expo is on from 30-31 May, 2021, at Sydney’s International Convention Centre, Darling Harbour. Register here today and discover your business’s natural advantage.


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