Drinking the Rainbow with Tea Tonic

Aug 24, 2021

Tea Tonic was founded in 1998 by Lisa Hilbert. As a qualified Naturopath and Herbalist, Lisa often found that in treating her clients she was looking for something that they could take in the course of their daily routine to promote good health and well being. This has been the driving force behind the herbal blends that Lisa creates and Tea Tonic’s ongoing success.

Drink the rainbow

Tea Tonic manufactures all of its 35 blends of tea, as well as its own tea bags using unbleached tea bag paper. As always, quality is of the utmost importance and only freshly milled herbs are used and sealed into the individually wrapped teabags, ensuring maximum potency and goodness is delivered in every cup of tea.

blue teabox

Again, Tea Tonic differentiates itself from its competitors by being the only manufacturer in Australia using unbleached teabags to ensure a truly organic experience. To sample the Tea Tonic range is a delight to the palate. Its flavours range from robust to delicate and all its teas are abundantly fragrant, providing a pleasing choice for every taste. Discover and share the joy and benefits of tea drinking.

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Treat your body and your tastebuds

Lisa Hilbert, Tea Tonic’s founder, is a leader in her field. She is often called upon for public speaking engagements and natural health forums. She is a very hands-on CEO, who is passionate and demanding of the quality and integrity of Tea Tonic.

green teabox

Lisa not only promotes the wholistic approach to life, but lives it too. Lisa says “Traditional teas can do more harm than good, so as a naturopath I wanted to raise the bar with premium, unprocessed teas made from organic ingredients — teas that would improve health, that people would genuinely love to drink. That was the original vision, and it still inspires me today.”

woman pouring tea

Founder & CEO at Tea Tonic; Lisa Hilbert

Tea Tonic have the full capability to make custom blends, that are not only unique but serve its true purpose and are beautiful for your customer. They can work with any inspirations you have for this project being visual, taste profile and ingredients that are of interest. Allow Tea Tonic to make something truly bespoke and unique in either loose leaf or teabags.

Visit the Tea Tonic profile for more product and contact information.
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