How a Strong Digital and Social Media Presence can Improve Your Bottom Line

Sep 23, 2020

With the continuous growth of digital and social media in the business world, see why being visible and engaged online is healthy for your brand.

There’s no doubt that a well-targeted digital and social campaign can reap huge benefits. Nike, for example, saw a 6.25 per cent rise in its stock value when it took a knee with controversial American footballer Colin Kaepernick. The Mercedes-Benz’ Tough Conversations campaign with Henry Rollins, promoting the new X-Class ute in Australia, generated 100,000 leads.

But how do you create a digital and social presence that really works for you?

The market is definitely and absolutely there. Research conducted by We Are Social and Hootsuite found that “Australians are prepared to spend online across desktop, mobile and, increasingly, social”. How, then, can your online presence tap into that market in a way that is quantifiable – and viable?

Here, five strategies you need to consider.

Create a Home on the Internet

With Facebook the number one social media platform in Australia at 16 million users, you may be tempted to think it’s enough to simply have a business page on that platform rather than your own website. However, digital marketer Brook McCarthy advises against it: “It’s risky because you don’t own these platforms – it’s like building a house on land you rent. Anything could change at any stage – and does! – which could destroy your business. Your website is a valuable asset you build and own. It’s your home on the internet.”

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Maximise your SEO

One of the best ways to ensure search engines can find your website is to populate it with regular blog posts. “Blogging is excellent for helping you rank on Google,” says McCarthy. “Your blog doesn’t have to be high literature. It just needs to solve a real problem for people you’re seeking to attract. If you really hate writing, then make a short video on your phone and have it transcribed.”

McCarthy explains that for good search engine optimisation (SEO), a page needs to have a minimum of 300 words. “Google’s not smart enough to reach into a video and know what the topic is about,” she says. “That’s why the transcription is necessary.”

Google Analytics is your foundation. “You can use it to get quantifiable information about your website audience, which can then be used to create a successful digital marketing strategy.”

Build Your Email List

Recent research shows that bloggers who earn a good return on investment (ROI) recognise the value of a good email list and use 343 per cent more email-collection methods than lower-income bloggers. “What I teach is bare-minimum marketing,” says McCarthy, “and I think email is a no-brainer.” In 2016, Campaign Monitor’s Year in Review reported a return of $44 on every dollar spent on email marketing.

Harness the Power of Social Media

While the number of internet users in Australia remained unchanged between 2018 and 2019, the number of active social media users continued to rise, particularly on mobile, with an increase of 6.7 per cent. But which platform is best for your business?

Co-founder of natural health food brand At Health Australia, Alexis Clarke, suggests focusing on two to three channels: “Instagram users tend to spend over a minute on our website … so we focus our energy there. However, Facebook is still a key part of the mix. We just choose the key [platforms that work] for us and our target audience and try to do them well.”

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“Our social media presence forms a major part of our digital marketing strategy,” says Bianca Dakin-Davies, marketing manager of healthy toothpaste brand Grants of Australia. “Planning and sticking to a strategy we’ve laid out is crucial. We use Iconosquare to keep track of how posts are performing and the best times to post.”

Social media helps the company engage with its customers, adds Clarke. “Consumers these days need to see a brand 16 to 22 times before they purchase.” So engagement is crucial to both attract and retain customers.

DIY or Hire a Digital Marketing Company?

Study the digital space and metrics and use this knowledge to lead your digital profile, advises Peita Pini, managing director and founder of The Swag, which makes reusable fresh produce storage bags. “We’ve kissed a few ‘frogs’ in terms of digital marketing companies who have … overpromised and grossly underdelivered,” she says.

“You’re far better off starting with the bare minimum and committing to it rather than getting continually distracted trying sophisticated marketing techniques,” says McCarthy. “Effective marketing isn’t a one-off event.

“Think about marketing the same way you think about cleaning your teeth,” she suggests. “You just do it. As a business owner you don’t need to do it all but, at a minimum, you should be able to do little edits on your own website, send email newsletters and update your social media.”


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