From Launch to Instant Pre-order Demand – The Success of Powered by Plants

Feb 24, 2023

Unveiling a product is always exciting, however being able to showcase a new brand at a leading trade show lends an extra buzz and increased level of interest.

Popular plant-based food and beverage company, Powered by Plants, which has numerous brands under their belt, felt Naturally Good 2022 was the perfect place to launch their new sports nutrition brand, Cleanfit, and were thrilled at the outcome.

“Industry attendees loved the look and feel of Cleanfit and raved about the flavour profiles and presentation of the protein shakes and bars,” General Manager Scott Horwell. “Not only were we left in no doubt that the timing was right for this brand, the launch secured a national distribution agreement with Go Vita which will be ranging the product in 100 plus stores nationally.”

Apart from the launch, Scott says the company wanted to connect face to face with industry at the event and also re-introduce their vegan protein powder brand, Prana On. “Sampling of Prana On’s new product releases was also positively received, and many pre orders were taken.”

How a cutting-edge company was born

The Powered by Plants story began when business Flavour Makers acquired Prana On in 2021, leading to the formation of a new company dedicated to cutting edge innovative brands ‘powered by plants’. The company also has another brand – health food range Celebrate Health.

“Flavour Makers is a world-renowned food innovation and manufacturing business founded by entrepreneur, Adrian Cester,” explains Scott. “Whereas Prana On was founded by INBA Mr Universe, Billy Simmonds, who saw the gap in elite plant-based sports nutrition. He developed a range based on the ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic plant medicine along with modern sports nutrition that help you feel energetic, inspired and alive.

Billy Simmonds, Founder of PRANA ON

“We now have a new business platform designed to empower people to become the best version of themselves by getting healthier, living cleaner, and feeling amazing knowing they’re doing their bit for the planet, with products that taste great. We want to continue making a difference, to customers, employees and our planet.”

A new clean way forward

Apart from Cleanfit’s smooth protein powders made with Australian farmed fava bean protein, the new nutritionally balanced protein bar range and didn’t disappoint at the show.

“Available in Strawberry Shortcake, Peanut Caramel, Apple Pie and Chocolate, they caused such a stir that our consumer stock was depleted shortly after the launch,” says Scott. “The feedback was that they tasted incredible and impressed with their organic and wholesome, plant-based ingredients.

“When people taste the bars, they can’t believe there is nothing artificial in there and no nasties, and yet they contain amazing ingredients such as fava bean protein, green banana starch, and pre- and pro-biotics. We expect them to do extremely well in the market.”

Spreading the word about Prana On

In comparison to Cleanfit, Prana On is a well-established brand, and is currently the leading high-performance plant-based protein powder on the market. A true pioneer of vegan sports nutrition in Australia Prana On has been a hit since it was launched more than 10 years ago, and drew keen interest at Naturally Good.

“More recently we launched Prana On’s new Phyto Shred – the ultimate thermogenic, scientifically formulated to boost the body’s metabolic rate and assist with overall energy. It’s also formulated with powerful botanical ingredients that have naturally occurring caffeine only.

“Also, under the Prana On banner, there’s new Intra Strength – a concentrated blend of essential (EAAs) and branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) designed to take your workouts to the next level. This entirely plant-based powerhouse formulation supports hydration, endurance, recovery, muscle growth and repair with added coconut water, electrolytes, plus vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.”

Prana On is stocked widely in sports supplement stores, selected gyms, health stores with a limited range in Woolworths and selected pharmacies as well as online.

Standing out in a competitive space

Premium sports nutrition is a competitive space, adds Scott, even without the inflationary pressures currently being experiencing in the market.

“We have found that post-pandemic, consumers are caring about their bodies more and are wanting to trust brands that develop with premium ingredients, sourced as much as possible in Australia, and secondly are transparent about those ingredients and the real benefits they can provide.

“Powered by Plants and by extension the Prana On and Cleanfit brands are Australian made and owned, and compete in a heavily imported category. We always use Australian ingredients as much as possible and are focused on developing innovative plant-based products that Australians love.

“We believe the appeal of these products will only grow in the future which is why making the right connections within the industry is so vital.”

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