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Nearly a Fifth of all Food and Drink Launches in Europe are Organic – Mintel

Oct 15, 2019 Global News

New research from Mintel shows that Europe is leading the way in organic food and drink innovation, with almost a fifth of all food and drink products launched in Europe carrying and organic claim. In the 10 years to July 2019, the number of European food and drink launches with an organic claim has shot […]

Fucoidan: An Inside Look at a Trending Marine Ingredient

Sep 20, 2019 Natural Health

Leading Australian biotechnology company, Marinova – the world’s only supplier of certified-organic Fucoidan – expects interest in this trending marine ingredient to grow quickly in the natural products industry, as research continues to reveal the exciting health potential it offers. Fucoidan is a bioactive polysaccharide extracted from the cell walls of brown seaweeds. It forms […]

Pitch Perfect: How to Get Your Product on Supermarket Shelves

Sep 17, 2019 Business

A supermarket contract can be the Holy Grail for many health-focused SMEs, not only because it leads to increased sales in the short term but also because it can help legitimise a product or brand in the eyes of mainstream consumers over the long term. However, “getting on shelf’” is a highly competitive process, according […]

Vital Natural Health Trends that are Influencing Modern Shoppers

Sep 12, 2019 Food & Drink

Convenient, healthy, ethical, premium food products have never been more popular at any time in history. And specifically, for anyone operating in this space, it pays to be aware of what is driving demand and how to harness interest. Three of Australia’s top experts in the field – Peta Shulman of GoodnessMe Box, Ben Whyatt […]

How Independent Retailers Can Differentiate Themselves From the Pack

Sep 9, 2019 Business

Independent retail plays a critical role in the Australian business landscape, offering consumers diversity of choice, and often incubating innovative and emerging brands before they hit the mainstream. With so many businesses itching to get a foothold in the market, it’s little surprise that the session – What Some of Australia’s Best Independent Retailers do […]

Celebrate Certified Organics this September

Sep 5, 2019 Business

This September, Australian Organic (Australia’s leading organic industry body) is celebrating Australian Organic Awareness Month! Australian Organic Awareness Month (AOAM) is Australia’s largest campaign to generate awareness and education around the term ‘organic’, whilst also promoting certified organic products across a range of different categories – from fruit and veggies all the way through to […]

How To Go Niche Without Alienating Your Existing Market

Aug 21, 2019 Business

Written by Peta Shulman. If I had to distill everything I’ve learnt into one tidy takeaway, it’s this – specialising is the key to building a sustainable and scalable business. The most memorable brands do one thing – or a handful of things – really well. They don’t try to do it all. Going niche […]

It’s Easy Being Green – If You Know How

Like so many great business ideas, the creation of leading eco-cleaning products business Green Addict started out with a personal problem. The Noosa-based company, which recently generated keen interest with their stand at the 2019 Naturally Good Expo, was born after co-founder Sharona Webb experienced health issues in her previous cleaning business job. A Health […]

Older, Smarter, Healthier: Why Australia’s Over-50s are so Switched On

Aug 12, 2019 Business

Older Australians make up a considerable proportion of the population, with more than seven million people aged between 50 and 75 across the country. In 2017, around 14 per cent of people were aged 65 and over, but this is set to grow to 25 per cent by 2061. Over the past century, life spans […]

How Worried Should the Organic Industry Be About “Natural Pretenders”?

Aug 7, 2019 Global News

New research suggests European consumers often regard ‘natural’ as more trustworthy than organic. so, how worried should the organic industry be about the “natural pretenders”? asks Jim Manson, editor of Natural Products Global. Earlier this year Organic Voices, a coalition of US-based organic businesses, signalled that it was turning up the heat on natural brands […]

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