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How To Get A Brand 10 Times Your Size To Join Forces With You

May 17, 2019 Business

Written by Peta Shulman.  If you’re itching to get on board with a much bigger brand, and feel that the timing is right, you need to go about it the correct way. Importantly, working together has to be a win-win for both parties. These are some of the strategies I’ve used to get much larger […]

Get the Good Oil on Terpenes

May 16, 2019 Natural Health

Sponsored article Primal Organix is an Australian health brand using terpene therapy to interact with the brain’s endocannabinoid systems to treat a range of issues including anxiety, pain and inflammation. You might have heard about terpene therapy and the endocannabinoid system before – but let’s take a deeper dive into these topics to find out […]

Seven High-Value Video Ideas to Add to Your Content Calendar

May 13, 2019 Business

Written by Felisha Mendoza Mina, Social Media and Content Marketing Consultant, Milk It Academy You don’t have to be some next-gen social whizz to understand the power of video marketing. And as we fly into 2019, hitting that “record” button goes well beyond building awareness, exposure and all that other brand fluff. In fact, a […]

The 10 Hottest Natural Product Trends from the US that Australian Retailers Need to Know About

May 13, 2019 Global News

Environmental awareness, Millennial tastes, and improving health and wellness education, are all creating unprecedented demand for natural and organic personal care products worldwide with the global health and wellness industry now worth an estimated $400 billion. In such an expanding market, the hunt for the “next big thing” has now intensified. One of the world’s […]

A Plum Job for Aussie Skincare Brand

Sponsored article Considered a gift of the Dreamtime, the Kakadu plum has long been used by Australia’s indigenous people. Now it’s now proving to be the new cosmetic buzzword. But far from just a fad, the Kakadu plum is having real and positive benefits for our skin, thanks to an Aussie company using the ingredient and other […]

How a Health Alarm Helped Create an Organic Australian Skincare Brand for Asian Skin

BE.ST Organic Beauty Sensation aims to sense the best of self – inside and outside. And for Anna Tai, BE.ST Organic’s founder, the story began with a scare. An Australian immigrant, Anna’s stressful working life as a professional accountant caused her to develop an extreme fever. When she returned to her native Hong Kong, doctors […]

Reaching the Domestic Asian Market – Australia’s Untapped Retail Goldmine

May 7, 2019 Business

Reaching the domestic Asian market is an untapped goldmine but taking advantage required a different mindset, according to leading China retail expert David Thomas. “The size of the inbound opportunity is so much bigger than a few tourists, even Chinese students are an ecosystem in their own right,” Mr Thomas told What’s New in Healthy Products. […]

A More Effective Alternative to Programmatic Advertising

Apr 30, 2019 Business

By Tam Al-Saad, Principal Consultant, Web Profits I recently spoke to a prospect with a relatively limited budget who insisted we include programmatic advertising as part of their marketing strategy. This surprised me, as I almost never recommend programmatic advertising. I’ll explain why and give you an alternative that I believe will have a better […]

5 Top Tips for Pitching

Last year’s Pitch Fest winner, Kara Landau, founder and owner of Uplift Foods, has seen great success since her appearance and triumph at Naturally Good 2018. The first year of business for Uplift has seen them launch in Australia and the US simultaneously, get invited to attend the number one food accelerator in NYC Food […]

Consumer Demand for Plant-Based Goods is a Booming $4.2 Billion Industry

Apr 19, 2019 Food & Drink

According to the most recent SPINS’ analysis, the ‘plant-based’ goods industry is projected to be worth $4.2 billion by the end of 2018 after growing 18 percent in the year ending July 15, 2018. SPINS estimates that the plant-based sector will grow to $6 billion in sales by 2020, which would be a 100 percent increase over […]

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