Coping with Motherhood: One Tea at a Time

Jun 22, 2018

What better way to take a moment and relax than with a cup of tea? When you are dealing with pregnancy and motherhood, a simple tea can be the perfect end to a long day. Mama Body Tea has been specially formulated to assist mothers from pre-conception and beyond.

Mama Body Tea came to life in 2012 when founder and co-director, Jessica Spencer, gave birth to her gorgeous daughter, Ruby. In the early days of motherhood, Jess was struggling to find natural products that could help settle Ruby’s colic and wind. Jess then turned to Anne Cousins, a Naturopath with 25 years of experience, and together they created their first tea, Baby Bliss.

Jessica Spencer & Jessica O’Brien – Directors, Mama Body Tea


Jess’ best friend and now co-director, Jessica O’Brien, also joined the company. She brought her own experience with the same teas as Jess in her own pregnancy. From that point forward, the pair worked together with Anne to create more organic teas to assist other women through their pregnancies and the challenges of motherhood – and here, the Mama Body Tea range was born.

The Mama Body Tea range contains 13 herbal tea blends that support women through pregnancy, breastfeeding and motherhood. Each tea has been specifically designed to deal with issues such as pre-conception, morning sickness, digestive complaints, labour preparation, post-birth recovery and lactation support.

Raspberry Leaf Blend is one of the best sellers in the range, designed to prepare the uterus for childbirth and post birth recovery. Jess O’Brien stated that this tea has been used for centuries as ‘women have drunk this to shorten labour duration, minimise blood loss post birth, minimise cramping, help bring a rich source of breast milk and the list goes on’.

But it’s not all about the ladies – the Melbourne Mums have recently expanded their range to include two tea blends made for Dads. Fatherhood is a tough gig, just as motherhood is. These teas have been created to assist those who need an energy boost or want to de-stress and sooth their mind.

Regardless of who you are or why you’re drinking them, one of the best things about these organic teas is that they are 100% caffeine and chemical free! Plus, Mama Body Tea can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Mama Body Tea is a fantastic alternative for those Mums (and Dads too) who are looking to naturally deal with the challenges of pregnancy and parenthood.

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