Exhibitor Q&A series: Natures Farmer Sea

May 28, 2024

Each Natures Farmer Sea product is loaded with all the nutrients Mother Nature can offer, ensuring you receive a powerhouse of nourishment with every spoonful or capsule!

History of the business

Established in 2020, Natures Farmer Sea started almost 4 years ago in a two bedrooms apartment between two mates that were healing form cancer and brain trauma, searching for powerful natural products to strengthening their health. Today we are the leaders in the Sea Moss market having sold our products to more than 100,000 Australians, producing and supplying the highest quality Sea Moss that we trust and use ourselves. Our goal is to help as many people as possible to discover Sea Moss, the most nutrient dense plant superfood in the Planet.

Product highlights

Sea Moss, which is a type of sea algae. Our Sea Moss is botanically known as Eucheuma Cottonii. Archeologists estimate humans have been harvesting seaweed for nearly 14,000 years. Sea Moss is naturally abundant in minerals and vitamins. Natures Farmer Sea sources its Sea Moss from the pristine waters of St. Lucia in the Caribbean and for our capsules we use Irish Sea Moss from the cold waters of Ireland. Our SeaMoss is sustainably ocean grown and harvested, which means it contributes to the health of the surrounding biodiverse ecosystems. Our Sea Moss gels have zero ocean/seaweed flavour and taste delicious! You can eat them straight off the spoon or add to smoothies and delicious recipes.

Sustainable and ethical considerations

Our Sea Moss is all natural, premium quality and ethically harvested from the beautiful waters of Ireland and Saint Lucia in the Caribbean. We get our Sea Moss straight from the source and use additional antioxidant-rich powders like spirulina or turmeric to amplify the benefits of our gel blends.

Each Natures Farmer Sea product is loaded with all the nutrients Mother Nature can offer, ensuring you receive a powerhouse of nourishment with every spoonful or capsule!

We pride ourselves on providing you with the cleanest, most natural products containing NO fillers, synthetics, or GMOs; meaning you get all the benefits of 100% pure Sea Moss without unnecessary exposure to harmful chemicals or preservatives. Better for you, better for the planet.

All of our products are lab-tested for bacteria and heavy metals, ensuring our Sea Moss is safe for consumption every time. Any additional goodness we add to our gel blends is heavily researched to provide you with the most beneficial product known to be good for the mind and body.

Our packaging is 100% sustainable. We use glass jars that are reusable and recyclable, reusable and recyclable cardboard boxes and void fill packaging that dissolves in water as well as eco-friendly bubble wrap.

We love giving back and support the health of the Great Barrier Reef by donating monthly to the Reef Restoration Foundation that takes action planting resilient corals in different areas of the GBR.

Global importance: ethics and sustainability

The busy rhythm of today’s society leaves many of us with limited time to cook, select wholesome food, exercise and allow time to relax and enjoy the simple things. Our Mission is to give as many people as possible the power to take their health back into their hands by providing natural and sustainably sourced products.

Demand for products in the natural industry

Big time! In almost 4 years we have grown exponentially, received hundreds of enquiries daily. One thing that strikes us the most is the amount of stories that people share with us privately via Social Media and emails. Especially about their health, the health of their partners, family members and friends they care about. People today is desperate to find ways to heal themselves without having to be forced to take medication. We are inspired daily and motivated to keep supporting everyone.

Unique business angle

Our business started and exploded during Covid and from day one we allocated budget to marketing. There were humble beginnings and we started going to markets, getting into social media and doing SMA and GA. Both have always provided fantastic results. From there, we have expanded into more strategic strategies including eDM’s, blogs, relationships with influencers, optimisation of our website, PR, brands collaborations and so much more!

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