From Humble Beginnings Come Great Things

Nov 6, 2018

3.6 million. That is the number of plastic toothbrushes purchased each year, most of which end up in landfills and oceans.

The Humble Co. is fighting this norm by creating a range of natural products including toothpaste, chewing gum and natural bamboo toothbrushes and dish brushes. Using these non-plastic products helps to minimise the litter and poisons that are impacting the environment.

Established in 2013, the Swedish-based company has developed all their products under the guidance and supervision of dentists. This allows the dental products to have effective and beneficial results when caring for teeth and gums. The toothbrushes boast a simple and efficient Scandinavian design, a feature The Humble Co. is very proud of.

The Humble Co. Toothbrush

But that is not all!

A large portion of the company is dedicated to the Humble Smile Foundation, which manages oral health outreach projects to help children in vulnerable areas keep their smile. The programmes and initiatives inform, educate and help to prevent oral disease in these children. Many individuals in susceptible areas do not have local dental clinics and some have never seen or used a toothbrush before.  Every Humble purchase goes towards funding these projects for the benefit of the children.

The Humble Smile Foundation currently has active projects in 16 locations including India, Nepal, Cuba, Romania, Zambia and Cameroon. A number of these countries are exposed to sizeable amounts of sugar and little dental knowledge; as a result, their teeth have begun decaying.

The ‘Humble Ps’ are the foundation of the company and these values set The Humble Co apart from other businesses. The Ps focus on the prevention of oral disease, creating premium products, upholding professionalism, looking after the planet and the distribution of products to people that need them most. They also include the importance of being transparent and plain with consumers while working for a profit to allow the company to continue its work around the world.

The Humble Co CEO and dentist, Noel Abdayem, believes that  ‘when we are lucky enough to be born in an affluent part of the world it should be our duty to take care of the less fortunate. Many children will never own any oral care products and we’re depleting natural resources and filling up the oceans with used products’. This is why Noel is so passionate about this company and their work.

Join the movement. Make the switch. Be Humble.

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