Helping Australia Become Cheeki

Dec 3, 2018

Cheeki was established in 2009 with the aim to share the #refillreuse message around the world with high quality and innovative alternatives to disposable food and drink containers.

The growing company were looking to expand their consumer base through their main target markets of distributors and retailers in the health and wellbeing industries. “We believe in creating healthy products that are good for the world. The values of Naturally Good align with our brand values, and the visitors that the show attracts are our target market.”

Naturally Good this year saw a growing range of visiting local distributors and retailers in Australia. With a larger portion of their customer base already being distributors and retailers within the industry, Cheeki were very satisfied with the amount of existing and new retailers in the local market they were able to see at Naturally Good 2018. “The passion that the business owners and buyers have for sustainability and health is great to see”.

They were also able to generate some great business, “through exhibiting at Naturally Good, we signed up new accounts, strengthened relationships with existing accounts and had good networking opportunities with other brands in this space”.

Cheeki’s products were picked up by international buyer Planet Organic (read more about Al Overton’s visit to Naturally Good), a boutique chain of stores based in London. Since then, they have also secured distribution in 12 more countries. The brand has been growing at a quick and rapid pace since exhibiting at Naturally Good.

Cheeki also displayed their new Classic Range of bottles in the New Product Showcase at the expo. “The show lifted awareness and distribution in a very positive way. It was a great opportunity to promote new products and also get feedback on them! We love innovating, so showing off our latest product developments such as our new Classic Range of bottles generated a lot of interest on the stand.”

Cheeki are also set to launch a new range of Active Bottles at the beginning of 2019. These bottles feature their patent pending Tri-Tech Lid, with adjustable flow settings, maded for easy sipping while you’re on the go. “There’s other product developments in the mix too, but top secret at this stage!”, meaning we’ll just have to wait until 2019 to find out!

The company found Naturally Good to be very important to the natural and organic products industry. “Opportunities to meet up and interact with brands and products in ‘real-life’ are becoming rarer so it’s great to have this expo. Also, by having a show that is dedicated to this industry ensures that it attracts relevant buyers and visitors.”

Cheeki also had some great things to say about the feedback they received from visitors about their range of products at the show this year. “The feedback was really positive! For us, any feedback is good feedback as it helps us improve our product offering. We get feedback about the design, colour, packaging and usability of our products and also what the end consumer is asking for, which helps inspire new product development”.

“We thoroughly look forward to exhibiting again next year. It’s great for business and also a lot of fun, which I can’t say for every expo!”

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