Increasing awareness for all their brands and manufacturing pays off for Factors at Naturally Good

Feb 22, 2022

When you’re a long-established corporation with many different brands under your belt, one of the key aims is to ensure that each brand gets adequate exposure and attention in the marketplace.

For Factors Group Australia, which has numerous established and emerging brands in the natural supplements space, showcasing at the Naturally Good 2021 Expo reaped valuable rewards.

“The show was a fantastic way to increase awareness across all of our brands,” said Managing Director Evan Hayes. “As a house of brands, there may have already been awareness for some of our brands, but it was a great opportunity to detail some of the newer brands that visitors might not have been aware of in a different channel.”

Factors Group manufactures their own premium brands such as Bioclinic Naturals®, Whole Earth & Sea®, Webber Naturals® and SlimStyles® and is also the preferred manufacturing partner for many of Australia’s leading brands, providing extensive manufacturing, testing and raw material supply capabilities.

“Our business in Australia has grown substantially over the past few years with the introduction of the Whole Earth & Sea® and SlimStyles® brands and has had significant growth in the practitioner-only space with our Bioclinic Naturals® brand, driven by new product launches,” says Evan.

A chance to promote both branded products and manufacturing capabilities

The show also was a chance for Factors to discuss their contract manufacturing capabilities with brands. “As a result, we received a significant number of leads both for our branded and contract manufacturing business that has resulted in valuable business post-show.”

Evan says the more that manufacturers and brands are able to produce, and make available to consumers high quality, ethical and sustainable product offerings in mainstream retail settings, the greater the level of awareness and demand for these products.

“With increased visibility of such products consumers also become more familiar with these offerings and can readily make purchases. This helps consumers to switch to more ethical and sustainable choices.”

Sustainability remains the core of their business model

Factors is a sustainable, vertically integrated, Certified B Corporation®, and was the first medicines manufacturer in Australia to achieve this status. Natural Factors (Factors Group) won the 2019 Nutrition Business Journal’s (NBJ) Award: Supply Chain Transparency, and was named Manufacturer of the Year by complementary Medicines Australia (CMA) in 2021.

Sustainability is at the corporation’s core with the business going carbon neutral in 2021. Factors Group own 3 certified-organic, non-GMO farms which allow for products to be produced and manufactured from seed to shelf, ensuring superior transparency throughout the supply chain. All raw materials undergo extensive independent analytical testing and certification by ISURA® who are able to identify and quantify over 700 contaminants.

“Factors Group strive to make a smaller environmental footprint throughout the manufacturing process,” says Evan. “Our softgel waste is resold for non-food applications resulting in 150 tonnes of waste being diverted from landfill in one year whilst manufacturing waste is converted into certified animal feed and organic soil. Packaging waste is also collected and converted into drink trays.”

Evan says the show is a great opportunity to meet people across the industry including retailers, buyers no matter what size your business is. “Attendees are very engaged and are decision makers within businesses so there is a strong return on investment for exhibiting, both in terms of business opportunities and having time to detail new and exhibiting products in person with new and existing partners.”

With last year’s expo a great success despite some border challenges, Evan is looking forward once more to the event.

“There really is no comparison between fact-to-face and virtual trade events. The opportunity to stand in front of visitors and have a conversation around your brand and offerings is really invaluable for brands.”

Interested in taking the natural step and exhibiting at Naturally Good 2022? Speak to a member of our team today for more information.

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