International buyers wowed by Nutra Organics’ impressive stand at Naturally Good

Feb 2, 2022

With her parents having founded Nutra Organics more than 22 years ago, co-owner Ricki Harrison knows the importance of keeping an established brand fresh in the market.

The company which has a wide range of wellbeing food and skin care products, showcased almost all of their range at the most recent Naturally Good Show with a new stand. “We really wanted visitors to experience our award-winning products the way we intend them to be – so for the first time we built our own kitchen!” says Ricki.

“Everything looked great, and the simulation allowed guests to explore our range the same way they would at home. It was a sensory journey, and we were really proud of the installation we created. We’ve gone to plenty of trade shows with not much more than a bunch of hand-outs. As our brand has grown over time, so has our vision and creative execution. We received some fantastic feedback about our stand, and we can’t wait to use it again.”

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International interest

Some of that positive feedback came from international buyers which Ricki says was a key goal for the business this year.

“We wanted to explore international opportunities, and we walked away with a number of global prospects, so we were really happy with that. Connecting with stockists personally and understanding how we can help their business was a real highlight.”

Out front and centre at the show was the brand’s most popular range, Collagen Beauty™. Consisting of an unflavoured version, and (at the time) three flavours; Waterberry, Wildflower and Lemon Lime, the product has been scientifically shown to target skin, hair and nail health.

“At the expo we offered tastings for our Collagen Beauty™ range, as well as having our Research & Development Manager available to answer any technical questions regarding the ingredients, how they function in the body and their effective results.”

Ricki says apart from new leads, a lot of the foot traffic also came from existing customers. “It was really lovely to speak to our stockists face-to-face and hear about their success with our products.

“This year we also brought with us our magazine, which launched earlier in 2021. It was great to have some take home information for our customers on hand that did a deep dive into who we are, and our mission. So many existing customers flipped through the magazine at our stand and would comment on facts that they didn’t know about the brand – like all our manufacturing being done right here in Australia.”

Success in the growth phase

Ricki admits that as the business is currently in a growth phase, things tend to move quickly in her world. “Finding time to stop and really focus on something important for a period is nearly impossible for me right now. But that’s the beauty of the expo, you are present and you are immersed for a few days focusing on your trade offering and trade customers. It’s so important for me to take that time and really embrace all the learnings and opportunities whilst there.”

In the last few years, Nutra Organics has experienced some exceptional results. “Our focus has always been on transforming wellbeing with pure, potent and proven formations that provide real results,” says Ricki. “Because wellness products have really grown in popularity, we’ve just been enjoying riding that wave.

I truly believe another big factor in our success is our unwavering commitment to being industry leaders when it comes to sustainability. We’ve really put sustainable packaging and operations at the forefront of what we do, and I know that’s something people really appreciate. As a consumer, it’s definitely something I’m prioritising when I do my weekly shop.”

Since the expo, the business has released a number of new products such as Collagen Balm, a deeply moisturising lip and body balm. Also now available are Clean Recovery, a post workout to support recovery; the reformulated Superfoods range, designed to restore balance and improve internal health; After Sun Mist, a soothing face spray to heal skin and protect collagen; and Tropical Collagen Beauty™, their much loved formulation in a new fresh flavour filled with notes of juicy mango and sweet pineapple.

“We can’t wait to come back and showcase these new products next year. Because of the scale of our stand, we had a really big team come along this year and it was great to see everyone working together. There was such a buzz around Nutra Organics – our ‘kitchen’ was so busy the entire time. I was really proud to see so much interest in our brand and our team running circles around each other. It was a big few days, but so rewarding!”

Interested in exhibiting? Naturally Good will be returning 6-7 June, 2022 at ICC Sydney. Speak to a member of our team today for more information.


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