More Than Just Almond Milk

Apr 15, 2019

Nourish & Care was brought to life through the partnership between a naturopath and pharmacist. It is well-known that these two industries and schools of thought do not typically get along, having vastly different approaches. However, this uncommon partnership looked at taking the strengths and best practices of each world, creating a new and holistic approach to health whilst keeping the patient and consumer at the heart of every decision and detail.

Director and owner, Markorios Salib comes from a pharmaceutical background and owns pharmacies in Sydney. “The last 7 years has seen us begin to focus more on natural health. I made it my mission to re-educate patients in understanding the line of therapy; identifying the trigger and using both environmental and natural solutions first, before resorting to pharmaceutical from the onset.”

The first product being released may not seem revolutionary upfront- they’ve made almond milk – but not as you know it!

Almond milk is a fantastic invention in itself, however, Nourish and Care have improved it, making sure consumers have the absolute best option available.

Drawing on the knowledge and experience of their respective health professions, the company got a bit more creative and came up with a few additions to their almond milk, making it unlike any other on the market.

“The product has more calcium and also contains Vitamin D, which means we are helping people make the decision to switch from dairy a lot easier” says Markorios on going above and beyond what you can currently find on the market – with all the benefits and no nasty effects. Plus, there is also no added refined sugars, lactose, gluten or preservatives contained within the product and is suitable for most diets.

Milk that’s not a liquid

The main point of difference, making it a uniquely superior product is that it’s not actually a liquid, well not immediately. The product is presented in 40g parcels with a fudge like consistency. The aim is to take one parcel, add it into a blender with a litre of water and blend for 1 minute. This makes fresh, healthy almond milk and solves the problem of wastage as you can blend it up as you need.

The design aims allow the consumer to be in the driver’s seat and in-charge of the experience. An added benefit to such a unique product is how the individual user is able to make their milk according to how they like to have it best. For example, if they wanted it thicker they could just use less water for a creamier texture.

This also means a significant reduction in packaging waste. “One of our cartons makes up to 8L of fresh almond milk, meaning that we’ll be saving 7 more cartons from ending up as waste in landfill. This is something we are very proud of as a company”, says Markorios.

With an array of flavours, Nourish & Care’s Milky Almonds has been created for you to incorporate it into any recipe or wherever dairy milk would’ve originally been used – it is, after all, milk.

The company also pride themselves on their sustainability practices, “We made the decision that everything has to be sourced and produced in Australia where possible. We have an amazing land and we are confident in our regulatory systems and quality of produce.”

The product will be launched at Naturally Good this year, visit the team at  Stand 58 to chat to the team.

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