Pitch Fest 2021 Finalists Announced

May 26, 2021

These five up-and-coming brands will present their business at the Naturally Good Expo and be judged by a panel of four expert judges on the Speaker Series stage.


Alg Seaweed was established in 2017 by Sarah Leung and is a producer of products using high quality and sustainable seaweed, with a goal to bring convenience, flavour and nutrition to everyday cooking. Alg Seaweed currently produces a range of seaweed snacks and condiments, including sodium-reduced seaweed salt, seaweed flakes, and ‘no nut’ healthy, gluten-free seed bars.

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Circle Harvest is the rebranded retail range from The Edible Bug Shop which provides a range of healthy and nutrient dense foods in formats that are easy to include in your everyday diets.

Circle Harvest encapsulates the circular nature of its production process – upcycling fruit and vegetable waste from food production processing to farm mini insec livestock, create nutrient dense ingredients from them and then manufacture its retail range all under the one rood.

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I Am Grounded is a snack company that upcyles the natural by-product of coffee fruit into sustainable snacks for mind-full eating. Through championing eco-innovation, I Am Grounded aims to lessen environmental loading on the planet and further the ‘closed loop’ approach in coffee production. It is focused on social empowerment and providing economic opportunities for impoverished coffee producing communities.

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Sprout Organic is an Australian children’s nutrition company which makes organic, plant-based infant formula, and healthy plant-based snacks for kids. Approved by leading paediatricians, dietitians, and food technology experts, Sprout Organic will be launching the world’s first plant-based and organic infant formula at Naturally Good 2021.

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Ulu Hye is a producer of the world’s first waste-free, plant-based milk products, with their focus on reducing the usage of long-life cartons and preventing them from entering landfill. Ulu Hye’s mylk bases are simply a condensed version of what you would find in a plant-based milk carton, just without the water. All you do is scoop out the base and blend with water for a minute to to make your own mylk at home.

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Come along and watch these businesses pitch live on Monday 31st May from 12:30pm at the Speaker Series Stage.

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