Pitch Fest 2019 Finalists Announced

May 23, 2019

These five up-and-coming brands have will present their business at the Naturally Good Business Summit on Friday 31 May, and be judged by a panel of four expert judges in front of the Business Summit audience.



AMPERNA is an Australian skincare brand committed to creating active products specifically formulated for even the most sensitive skin, so they can be used by everybody.

Creating simple, active skincare products using revolutionary Australian made formulas, AMPERNA is dedicated to uncovering the most effective solutions to help rebalance and transform skin.

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Exotic Bazaar

Exotic Bazaar makes a range of Persian meal base sauces, with a mission to enrich Australians’ palette with new flavours inspired by the love and harmony from the Middle Eastern cuisine.

Exotic Bazaar allows fans of Persian food and newcomers alike to create amazing dishes in few easy steps at home, and skip the laborious process of creating these authentic Persian sauce recipes.

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Goodguts Probiotic Tea

Australia’s first gut-health probiotic you drink as a cup of tea. Hot or cold. With milk or sweetener. Available in Breakfast, Green, Peppermint, Earl-Grey, Rooibos, Flat-Tummy Detox (Naturopath Blend), and Two Australian grown varieties: Alpine Green and Rainforest Black. Loose-leaf and Teabags.

Gut health isn’t easy for everyone. Finding a probiotic that works – when on a restricted diet or you have severe gut issues – is even harder. Goodguts makes gut health easy, delicious, convenient that works.

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The Swag

The Swag is a patented multi-layered 100% natural, reusable, sustainable and breathable bag that keeps fresh produce (fruit, vegetables and leafy greens) crisp and nutrient rich for weeks!

Swag Australia enables households to live waste and plastic free through an innovative range of simple yet effective, reusable, 100% natural and sustainable products that are all made ethically with love and proudly built to last.

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Treat Dreams

Treat Dreams create fair trade, vegan friendly chocolate. The range is based around high quality 65% cacao, European couverture chocolate. Our chocolates have gooey fillings, evoking the nostalgia of childhood, without the dairy.

Treat Dreams are a chocolate business on a mission to bring decadence to dairy free, catering to the rapidly growing segment of the market who want great tasting chocolate that matches their ethics. By creating chocolate that stands up to ‘traditional’ versions, we remove a barrier for foodies wanting to choose dairy free, be it for ethics, allergen requirements or simply preferring the taste.

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