Soaps With a Purpose

Apr 15, 2019

Everyone is starting to think about ways to cut down their waste and plastic-usage; from consumers to manufacturers; and the global market is more than ready to hear solutions for this growing demand. With the natural and organic industry growing, many companies are now taking the initiative to create products that are not only nice to use, but nice to the environment.

Meet Clover Fields, Australia’s oldest family-owned soap manufacturer; reigning in 36 years of expertise in the body care field. Since 1983, the company has been passionate about curating plastic-free products, and are very proud about being an Australian owned company, with 100% Australian designed and made products.

Founder of the company Liz found herself unable to continue nursing because of a badly broken ankle. The sudden halt in her career led to Liz beginning to create products like bags of bath salts. Little did she know this small business would slowly but surely turn into nearly 4 decades of dedication to making everything from artisanal soap, shower gels and lotions to body scrubs, furniture polish and  shave bars, and now; shampoo bars! With a company motto that says “We are small but we are mighty!”, you can surely expect more great things to come.

With an array of ground-breaking natural products, it’s no wonder their newest creation has hit the industry with a great bang. It’s the plastic-free, all-natural, luxury shampoo/conditioner bar you’ve been waiting for – Shampoo With a Purpose. The incredible rise in consumer demand for zero-waste has met its match with a product that’s not just environmentally ethical, but also filled with only the most natural and organic ingredients.

The bars tick all the boxes for a natural and eco-friendly purchaser – they are palm oil/derivative free, plastic-free, zero waste, vegan, sulphate free, eco-sustainable, cruelty-free, Australian Made; plus it comes in recyclable and compostable packaging.

What sets it apart from the rest is that one bar replaces up to 6 bottles of regular haircare product! This being the only bar manufactured through this unique method in Australia and the world. The bars are DOUBLE triple-milled, blended perfectly and condensed to make them long-lasting. It’s an all-natural and organic formulation that is mild and soft on skin while also filled with beautiful additives and extracts to give your hair the treatment it deserves.

The applications have been overwhelming and seemingly endless. Not only can you use the bar to wash your hair, but it can be used as an all body wash as well.  It’s also soft on the eyes, making it  the perfect product for kids. It’s also suitable for hard-water areas and has seen a fabulous response from customers in the outback; particularly those who are victims of drought. The ultimate travel-buddy as well; it’s so easy to get through with just carry-on when your shampoo, conditioner, soap and facial cleanser can all be in one bar. The opportunities are endless with this shampoo bar and takes multi-purpose to a whole new level!

Since the launch of Shampoo With A Purpose in 2017, the company has seen a meteoric rise in the love and uptake of solid hair-care – even from customers that you wouldn’t expect. S.W.A.P. started out with The OG bar (original gangster or just “original”), in August and within 2 months there was enough insane demand to launch Dry or Damaged, Volume and Colour Treated bars as well.

In the few short months since the launch, over 50,000 plastic bottles were reduced from harming the environment.

Clover Fields will be exhibiting at Naturally Good this year, visit the team and find out about their product range at Stand E10.

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