5-6 Jun 2023

Session Information

6-Jun, 11:00 - 11:40

Truth in Organic Marketing – Organic Regulations Explained

Theatre 2

"With misinformation and false claims rife, there’s growing demand for transparent labelling as credibility and trust rise to the top of consumers’ agenda. During the past two years we’ve become more educated in how to look for certifications and credentials  we can trust - including in products labelled as “organic”. Regulations are evolving and new changes will make it easier for consumers to determine true organic status.

Join Australian Organic Chief Executive Officer Niki Ford as she explains what the proposed domestic organic regulations will mean for marketing products as organic when they’re not certified. She’ll discuss organic market trends and consumer insights, with Claire Maloney from The Bravery diving into truth in labelling and the importance of integrity in marketing. If you manufacture or sell products labelled as “organic” this session is a must!"

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