5-6 Jun 2023

Session Information

3-Jun, 15:25 - 16:00

Realigning to True North – Driving ROI with Audience Centric Marketing

Business Summit

As brand owners and marketers, understanding and responding to our various audience and stakeholder needs is at the core of our businesses. But the past two years has brought a seismic shift in consumer sentiment that, for many brands, requires a new attitude and approach to maintain connection and cut-through, and ultimately drive sales. As growth in the natural industry continues unabated, a deep understanding of the evolution in audience-behaviour is essential to maintain a competitive edge and drive effective business strategies that deliver commercial ROI. What motivates people? What matters to people? What are the barriers to success?

Audience Centric Marketing is key to effectiveness and should define every action in how we build our businesses across product, people and promotions. Join Gillian Fish, CEO & Founder of The 6AM Agency as she distills current shifts in audience behaviour that’s impacting brand marketing strategies; why trust, transparency and reputation matter most; how to use the Digital-Creative PR Trifecta for storytelling that delivers ROI; and core pillars that drive effectiveness.

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