3-4 Jun 2024

Session Information

3-Jun, 11:55 - 12:30

Evolve or die – Gen Z, TikTok and the changing rules for cross-generational marketing

Naturally Good Summit

The consumer marketing landscape is more difficult to navigate than ever before with an unprecedented degree of entertainment, education and brand transparency all factors in our purchasing decisions. There’s a lot to navigate in creating content that's amusing, different, entertaining, non virtue signalling, trending, and the list goes on. The expectations of Gen Z and young-age millennials have changed the way brands must engage their communities and sell products, with more than half of those under 30 prioritising TikTok over Google for search. Traditionally a Gen Z platform, TikTok is now impacting the way we need to sell to Millenials, Gen X and Baby Boomers. We’re now all becoming digital natives and the expectations of older demographics are evolving rapidly with those 35 plus now the fastest growing demographic on TikTok. Thomas Moult is Co-Founder and Head of Growth at Buttr Marketing where he’s been responsible for the growth of brands like Hunter, Mukti, and Ecostore. He’ll tie the threads between our changing expectations, the platforms, creative and performance to consistently execute strategies that cut through the noise and scale.

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