3-4 Jun 2024

Session Information

6-Jun, 14:15 - 14:45

Supporting Indigenous-Owned Businesses – The Challenges, Opportunities And Why It Matters to All Of Us

Speaker Series

Indigenous Peoples are the original stewards of the land and with that, the very first agriculturalists. Consumer and retail demand for native ingredients in food, drink and beauty products is increasing yet only 0.2 percent of Australian businesses are operated by Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander women with a mere 2 percent representation across the native ag+food sector by Indigenous Peoples.

What does it really mean to work with Indigenous-owned businesses? What are the benefits for individuals, communities, our economy and the environment? What are some of the complexities and how can we work together across the value and supply chains to create opportunities? Food Futures Co-founder and CEO Christine Pitt hosts this yarn-style panel, exploring the seismic impact Traditional Knowledge can have on protecting global biodiversity, the health and wellbeing of humans, habitats and the sustainability of our overall food systems. This is a lively, inclusive and interactive conversation not to be missed.

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