5-6 Jun 2023

Session Information

6-Jun, 15:00 - 15:30

Skincare Trends in Asia

Theatre 2

Skincare’s growth can be attributed to the unique position it occupies among trends - a growing desire for health-promoting and self-care products, increasing interest in the power of routines, ingredients and the science behind it that hone in on the knowledge and relationships between brands and consumers.

Wellness-focused innovation may be mainstreaming in facial skincare, but brands continue to try to be more disruptive in this space to stand out and help reduce consumer's stress levels or improve consumer's quality of sleep.

Skincare trends from Asia Pacific have revolutionized the beauty industry over the past decade. Innovation powerhouses such as South Korea and Japan, where K-Beauty and J-Beauty first developed, continue to be important markets along with the current rise of C-Beauty that offer inspirations to the rest of Asia and the globe.

Join Sharon Kwek Mintel, Director of Consulting, South APAC, Mintel Beauty & Personal Care, to explore some of the mainstream and emerging skincare trends in Asia.

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