3-4 Jun 2024

Session Information

5-Jun, 08:05 - 08:40

How Healthy Do We Really Shop? The Health Of Our Nation & What It Means For You

Naturally Good Summit

There’s no doubt health awareness, education and access to better-for-you options is greater than ever before. As a nation, we’re focussed on better. But have we evolved to improve the health of the nation and how does that translate into purchases?

Healthylife Chief Health Officer Simone Austin has those answers and more. Led by Ms Austin, the Woolworths-owned online retailer analysed data, using Woolworths supermarket aggregated data of more than 900 million transactions from 2020-2022, and adjusting for Woolworths market share to report on how Australian food and drink purchases for at home eating compare to the Australian Dietary Guidelines. The Woolworths Group Food and Health Survey data also shows what influences Australians to eat healthy or not. We also look at the state of the nation in move, feel and staying healthy.

Ms Austin presents a tailored snapshot exclusively for Naturally Good with analysis into the impacts for packaged goods manufacturers and retailers. She’ll reveal the gaps between what we say, feel and do; where we’re hungry for more information; and the key opportunities for businesses to break down our barriers for improving our health and wellbeing.

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