3-4 Jun 2024

Session Information

5-Jun, 12:45 - 13:15

Natural, Sustainable, Minimal – To Zig Or Zag With Packaging Trends

Speaker Series

Scrolling through social media it’s easy to be captivated by some of today’s most contemporary packaging designs. Those sleek digital-first brands are inspirational for many business owners. But are they effective, or just eye candy? How do you maintain a contemporary edge and category relevance without blending into a boring sea of the same – or worse, being known as an obvious rip-off where you’ll always be second, third or fourth best?

The dynamic founders of The Offices, Stephanie Oley and Jeffrey Oley argue why you should ignore many current packaging trends and where to focus your energy instead. This presentation is packed with examples and insights from extensive conversations with retailers including Woolworths, Harris Farm and other independents; their experience with Woolworths-backed incubator Seedlab; and mentoring food start-ups at University of Sydney’s FoodLab.

They’ll share easy, cost-effective ways start-ups can road test their ideas in situ without expensive AI. Get the inside scoop on the rise of ultra-minimal design and understand where it works – and where it’s just plain vanilla; the pitfalls of sustainable options and where your real opportunities lie; the best and worst ways to use QR codes in 2023; and the call outs that already have your customers yawning. If you want to surprise and delight with truly original pack designs, don’t miss this session!

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