26-27 May 2025

Session Information

3-Jun, 10:45 - 11:15

Shop local – From small trend to significant movement with Whites IGA Group

Naturally Good Summit

The shop local movement has gained significant momentum in the past few years, representing a shift in consumer behaviour that prioritises community wellbeing, economic growth, and environmental sustainability. And it's not just a passing trend with the Commbank finding more than half of us prefer to shop local for our groceries and other goods since the pandemic. Roz White has built an empire and following on supporting often smaller independent local businesses as the owner of Whites IGA Group and host of The Locavores podcast. Whites has grown from a small corner shop to a group of multi-award winning, market leading stores with 500 staff that focus on supporting people and the community through their unique ‘Locavore’ program. She talks with FMCG industry advisor and founder of Foodpreneurs Festival Chelsea Ford about the journey, the lessons learnt and the opportunities she sees for Australian businesses in what is undoubtedly the movement of the future.

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