26-27 May 2025

Session Information

3-Jun, 15:45 - 16:15

Truth in labelling: Bridging the gap between business, brand and consumers with environmental claims

Nourish Stage

Green, eco-friendly, carbon neutral, low-emissions, organic – these are some of the claims we see companies using in 2024. Many consumers care about their environmental impact and there’s some evidence to show claims do impact their purchase decisions. Environmental claims, when true, accurate, easy to understand and qualified, help us all make informed choices about our impact, our health and practically what to do with packaging after its useful life. Making false or misleading claims risks fines, consumer trust and unfairly disadvantages companies genuinely doing the right thing.

Getting our labelling and other outward facing communications right is critical. But they're just part of a bigger sustainability journey that can be complex and costly, where you’re often walking the line between risk and reward. This fast-paced panel will unpack how to commercially navigate your strategy and environmental claims, identify your risks and opportunities to ultimately create products that sell, a trusted brand and an impactful company.

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