5-6 Jun 2023

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7-Jun, 14:30 - 15:00

Translating the Health of our Nation – What it Means for You

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There’s no denying COVID-19 has fundamentally altered how we think and act on our health and wellbeing. But perhaps what isn’t as clear, is the extent to which these changes can be considered positives or negatives, and how they impact business for both manufacturers and retailers. Two years on from the start of the pandemic, leading online retailer healthylife took the nation’s pulse to produce its first Living Healthy Report.

Led by Chief Health Officer Simone Austin, the Woolworths-owned business surveyed thousands of Australians on key health factors covering everything from what we eat to how we’re moving. Along with analysed shopping basket data from 2019-2021, Simone will reveal topics where consumers are hungry for information. Simone is an Accredited Practising Dietitian, Advanced Sports Dietitian and well-known for her work with many of Australia’s elite men’s sporting teams and her book, Eat Like An Athlete. A critical session on our 2022 Speaker Series agenda, you’ll leave this fast-paced and information rich talk with a good understanding of how our health has fared in the last two years and ultimately what it means for your business.

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