3-4 Jun 2024

Session Information

5-Jun, 13:45 - 14:15

Pocketing More Money From Every Product – Sales Masterclass For Brand Owners

Speaker Series

Thousands of new products with natural, organic, sustainable and healthy credentials are launched into the Australian market every year all vying for the same limited shelf space. More than 40 percent of brand owners launch products to solve problems that are specific to them, such as their own gluten intolerance, their child’s nut allergies or their sensitive skin issues. And of those more than 73 percent don’t pay themselves a decent wage.

All too often they hear the common buyer response, “we don't have any room” or “we have enough of similar lines”. How do you cut through the wholesale noise, get ranged, sell through, and ultimately put more money in their pockets for every product they sell?

In this captivating keynote, Chelsea Ford illustrates the five mistakes brand owners make and what they need to do to put more money in their pocket for every product they sell. Packed with all the details you need to know to build a profitable business, Chelsea leans on deep market experience to cover finding a market beyond the typical network of 150; pricing strategy and what to do with loss leaders; focussing on velocity or value; brand building priorities in retail for maximum return; intermediaries’ margins and the one number all natural, organic and healthy product brand owners need to measure.

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