5-6 Jun 2023

Speaker Profile

Claire Brown


Recently promoted to Head of Projects, for the last 3 years Claire guided nearly 70 successful raises as Birchal's Senior Campaign Manager. Her main role to date has been to prospect exciting opportunities looking to raise on the Birchal platform, and with a background in film & television, Claire's passion is to assist those powered by great ideas navigate the world of raising capital through engaging storytelling and data-driven insights. In her new role, she is heavily involved in operations and back-end development, sourcing feedback from our network of over 136,000 users to use in the planning and delivery of Birchal's new products and services.

Birchal is Australia's leading crowd-sourced funding (CSF) intermediary with about 75% share of the rapidly scaling industry. It’s licensed in Australia by ASIC, and authorised to host offers under the crowd-sourced funding regime.

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