26-27 May 2025

Speaker Profile

Elke Pascoe

The Littleoak Company

Elke is the Founder and CEO of The LittleOak Company – a children’s nutrition company dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of babies, toddlers and children across the world. She has more than 25 years senior management experience working in the Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, food and nutrition, and FMCG sectors across Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East.

Elke started LittleOak with one very clear goal: to develop the most wholesome children’s nutrition, starting with infant formulas, that was as close to nature as possible – in taste, texture, and nutritional value. Today, LittleOak is the fastest growing goat milk formula company in Australia and has established operations in America, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand and Taiwan.

Leading a company producing super-premium and ultra- natural products made from fresh, whole goat milk for tots through to tweens, it was Elke’s enduring dream to help children grow and thrive that led to the birth of LittleOak. And as LittleOak grows, she continues to build and invest in initiatives that make sure that no child goes to bed with an empty stomach. Elke is passionate that every child deserves nourishment and nutrition to grow big and strong, and to lead happy and healthy lives – no matter where they are in the world.

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