26-27 May 2025

Speaker Profile

Melissa Drennan

Green Friday And Kindershare

Melissa Drennan, is a retail industry expert with over 20 years of experience in buying and planning across the UK and Australia. She made a name for herself in companies like THE ICONIC and Catch. During her tenure at THE ICONIC, Melissa found her true passion for instigating change within the industry. Witnessing the environmental impact of consumption patterns, she became driven to build more sustainable options and promote a circular model of consumption. As an advocate for sustainable practices, Melissa is constantly seeking innovative and practical solutions to address the challenges the industry faces. Her visionary approach, combined with her deep understanding of retail and her unwavering dedication, makes her a driving force in shaping a more sustainable future. Melissa is now CEO of Green Friday, what started as an alternative retail sales event connecting consumers with sustainable brands during the Black Friday sales period. Green Friday is now expanding its offering with the development of the Buy Better by Green Friday marketplace, bringing consumers knowledge, discovery and access to sustainable products and services each and every day. In addition Melissa is CEO of Kindershare, a community led peer to peer baby equipment rental marketplace that supports parents with access to high quality baby products at home and when travelling.

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