26-27 May 2025

Speaker Profile

Shelley Craft

The Aging Project

Introducing Shelley Craft, a beloved figure in Australian media for over 20 years, known for her magnetic presence on various television shows. In addition to her television work, Shelley is the host and co-founder of The Aging Project podcast, where she leads insightful discussions with leading experts on health, wellness, and longevity, empowering women to age well and thrive at every stage of life. The Aging Project's sister platform, You Must Try It (YMTI), co-founded by Shelley, serves as a comprehensive resource tailored specifically for women. From skincare to makeup and essential supplements, YMTI offers unbiased recommendations and a supportive community to support women on their journey to aging well. With Shelley's passion for positive living and commitment to holistic well-being, she continues to inspire and uplift women across the globe.

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