26-27 May 2025

Speaker Profile

Sonia Amoroso

Self Care Corporation

Sydney born and bred, Sonia Amoroso was a skinfluencer before social media existed. She has been at the forefront of skincare research and innovation in Australia for over 20 years and is well known globally for the life enhancing brands she has brought to people all over the world.

Sonia started her journey in skincare research at Sydneys University of Technology where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Communication in 1996. Her research into the emerging world of cosmeceuticals led to her first startup which brought to market 2 of Australia’s most iconic health and beauty brands – Naturopathica, with it’s hero Fatblaster reaching No. 1 status within a year, and Skin Doctors Cosmeceuticals.

After selling these brands in December 2006, Sonia’s passion for skincare drove her to found Self Care Corporation, dedicated to helping women live their best lives with confidence enhancing beauty products.

Launched in 2009 with the global sensation freezeframe with INHIBOX the freezeframe brand became the number 1 selling brand in this category in 2016, with hero product REVITALEYES holding the place of number 1 eye cream in Australia for 4 years in a row – an incredible feat for an Australian made brand.

The freezeframe brand has launched numerous category leading products and has won multiple industry awards. The innovative range of products targets an array of beauty problems across eyes, face, body, lips and lashes, providing alternatives to professional services which are clinically proven and can be used by women in the comfort of their homes.

Sonia’s newest brand launch is a clean beauty brand with a conscience. KEEP IT SIMPLE SKIN is built on her own personal health struggles, and the knowledge she has acquired through 20 years of researching the best in skin changing ingredients, and painstakingly checking the safety of every ingredient she puts on her body due to debilitating chemical sensitivities.

Formulated for sensitive skin and made for everyone, Keep It Simple Skin delivers a curated selection of products that allow customers to simplify their skincare routine without sacrificing results. Only essential ingredients make the cut so that customers can reduce the overload of chemicals in multi-step routines. The range also allows customers to personalise their routine by adding a few drops of a concentrated serum to moisturiser or eye cream. The serum is chosen based on their own needs.

Sonia’s vision is to build a brand that is safe for people and the planet, that never compromises on delivering skin changing results.

That same vision drives her oral care brand alfree, a flavour free toothpaste which allows people with chemical sensitivities and allergies to clean their teeth without exposing themselves to harmful chemicals.

Sonia has been recognised by numerous industry awards including the prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and the Business Woman of the Year Awards, Sydney Graduate School of Management MBA Scholarship. She has most recently been awarded CEO Monthly’s Most Influential CEO 2023 (Beauty Care).

Sonia’s products have also won multiple awards, both in Australia and internationally. She has been featured in news and current affairs programs nationally and internationally, with numerous newspapers and magazines having also profiled her inspirational story.

Sonia has been a regular on Morning Television programs for almost 20 years, and has appeared on television shows such as The Glass House and Mars Venus.

Whilst health and beauty remain Sonia’s passion, Sonia has an array of other interests that she has commercialised. She has run a fashion label, produced a range of designer shoes and has even produced a movie. In 2020, Sonia was an executive producer on the inspirational film Penguin Bloom, starring Naomi Watts, and is about to embark on her second film project later this year.

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