Exhibitor Q&A series: CameLife

Written by Richard Williams – CEO History of CameLife CameLife is the trading name of The Australian Camel Milk Co founded in 2017 by Dr Jane Rose, Dr Pauline Roberts and Richard Williams. Jane is an integrative veterinarian with a specialist interest in dermatology, Pauline is a large animal vet who has worked in the […]

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Speaker Series Spotlight: Translating the Health of our Nation

There’s no denying COVID-19 has fundamentally altered how we think and act when it comes to our health and wellbeing. But perhaps what isn’t as clear, is the extent to which these changes can be considered positives or negatives, and how they impact business for both manufacturers and retailers.

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The Greenwashing Problem – How This Eco-conscious Brand is Delivering Authenticity

With customer interest in sustainability at an all-time high, more and more companies are making claims about their commitment to ethical and environmental practices. However, how believable is the marketing hype? Tom Hiney from suncare brand SunButter explains the brand’s objectives when it comes to the conscious consumer.
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