How the Latest in Smart Packaging Can Boost Customer Engagement

Nov 17, 2022

Holograms, temperature indicators, app-based product channels. Using the latest trends in smart packaging is a great way to tell consumers more about your brand.

The real estate on packaging has always been an important commodity to leverage in the race for customers. Now, with developments in smart packaging, a whole raft of opportunities are available to brands looking to maximise interactions with consumers.

From holograms to temperature indicators and app-based product information channels, smart packaging is opening doors for Australian brands to showcase wares like never before. So how do they work, and why should you get on board?

What is smart packaging?

Smart packaging comes in three forms: active, intelligent and connected. They each provide a different experience or service, ranging from monitoring temperatures to providing consumers with a curated digital experience.

For the food and beverage industry, active packaging has enabled shelf- life extension because of the ability to interact with the contents of the product and detect freshness, and adjust conditions such as moisture and oxygen levels.

Intelligent packaging monitors the condition of a product during transit and storage and, using printed codes, sensors or microchip-based solutions such as near-field communications (NFC) can tell a package’s location, whether it has been tampered with or if the temperature has changed.

Connected packaging, on the other hand, provides brands with opportunities to tell their story and include information on packaging that was previously only available on an external source, such as a website or through brand materials.

Telling a story

Dave Chaffey, from Geelong-based augmented reality packaging company Immertia, says the revolution taking place in connected packaging is exciting and offers opportunities for brands to engage with their customers like never before.

The brains behind Swigr, which connects customers with information about the product through a phone app, Chaffey says it’s akin to a curated social media platform – without any other followers or distractions.

“There are opportunities for brands to build closer connections with their customers using this kind of technology because they’ve got that one-on-one moment to talk to the customer, which you just don’t get anywhere else,” he says. “You’re not fighting against social media.”

Chaffey says using technology such as QR codes or a phone app lets a brand include as much of their story as they want to as part of the packaging. There are no limits to what can be featured.

“Packaging has always been a tricky area because while you want to be able to include information about the brand, you have limited space – and you also want to attract people. So, it has to look good.

“With these technologies, brands can show customers a look behind the scenes, so you can not only have written information but you can also have an expert telling you about the product,” he says.
“It’s a better tool for customers who want to find out more about the brand, and, from our experience, people are fascinated by it.”

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