Wellness Goes Viral: The Impact of Health Trends on TikTok and How They’re Shaping Consumer Behaviour

Jun 17, 2024

As Australians continue to embrace a lifestyle of health and sustainability despite economic strains, social media trends are increasingly guiding these decisions.

There isn’t a rock large enough to hide under that will keep you from understanding how crucial digital influence is in the 21st century. It’s been clear for years that a brand’s market influence on online platforms isn’t just shaping individual choices, but directly impacting consumer behaviour, and now we have the stats to prove it. As Australians continue to embrace a lifestyle of health and sustainability despite economic strains, social media trends are increasingly guiding these decisions. Here’s a deeper look into the wellness trends dominating social platforms and their role in dictating consumer behaviour.

The Interest in Wacky Wellness

Emerging from the depths of social media, strange and unique wellness trends such as Sea Moss Gel, Mouth Taping, and Tongue Scraping are gaining massive, committed followings. The virality of Sea Moss Gel, made popular by brands like Nature’s Farmer Sea, caters to the demand for natural superfoods, recognised for their dense nutrient profiles. Jess Redman, Co-Founder of Nature’s Farmer Sea, notes, “Our goal is to help as many people as possible to discover Sea Moss, the most nutrient-dense plant superfood on the planet.” Similarly, the intrigue surrounding magnesium hot chocolate and Ingestible Beauty products like collagen supplements showcase a growing consumer interest in natural wellness solutions that promise enhanced health and vitality.

Social Media’s Role in Consumer Decision-Making

Gone are the days where TikTok was filled with dancing preteens, it’s now overflowing with honest reviews and thorough how-to’s, posing as more of a Gen Z search engine, and powerful influencer of consumer purchases. A recent E Commerce News study found that 76% of Gen Z reported that they are more likely to discover new products through social media than through any other means. Highlighting the need for brands to engage actively on these platforms, creating content that resonates with and educates the audience. Redman adds, “Social media has been instrumental in our rapid growth, allowing us to connect directly with consumers who are eager for natural health solutions.”

The Impact on The Landscape and Product Innovation

The popularity of these wellness trends on social media also prompts innovations in the better-for-you space and organisations’ product development strategies. As consumer interest in low-tox skincare, NoTox solutions, and sustainable living options grow, so does the demand for products that not only promote health but also provide transparency about their ingredients and sourcing. Businesses and buyers are responding by developing and stocking their shelves with products that align with these values and are savvy with how they market and distribute their solutions, leveraging social proof and influencer partnerships to gain trust and expand reach.

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