30-31 May 2021

Beauty & Living Stage

Discover what's hot and key themes driving growth in Australia's thriving natural, organic and clean beauty and living market. You'll hear from leading companies and category experts to grow your understanding of how this category is evolving, and case studies to inform ranging decisions and new product development. This is the place to discover how to grow your business in the beauty, personal care and living categories.

30 - 31 May 2021
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Australian Made Success

What do you do when you can’t find a healthy, pleasant tasting, all natural toothpaste, that works and is suitable for the whole family? You make your own. That’s exactly what Michael and Michelle Aronson did over 30 years ago when they were looking for a great tasting, family friendly toothpaste that was free from SLS, parabens, preservatives and also fluoride-free. With no natural toothpastes on the market that ticked all their boxes, they decided to take matters into their own hands and create a product for health-conscious families that was affordable, natural, and made in Australia. Fast forward to today and Grants sits on the shelves of major supermarkets nationally, holding its own in a category dominated by foreign-owned multinationals. Join Tammy Seligmann as she shares the Grants journey, what she’s learnt about evolving consumer demands during three decades, and the importance of becoming certified Australian Made and Australia Owned by the Australian Made campaign.

Fair Trade & Business for Good

Progressive health-focussed consumers are becoming more interested in what goes into making the food they eat, their personal care products and those they use in their homes. They’re looking beyond efficacy and natural and organic credentials to a company’s values and how they treat both people and the planet. Organic and fair trade pioneer Dr Bronner’s has invested more than $2.5 million in fair trade premiums, benefitting more than 20,000 people globally directly and indirectly. Marguerite Crompton, Business Development Manager at Dr Bronner’s Australia goes behind the scenes of ethical ingredient sourcing and why fair trade is not only good for people and planet, but good for business.

Beyond Sustainability

Sustainability has rapidly become part of mainstream debate, but all too often the discussion only scratches the surface of what’s required to tackle some of the most acute global problems for people and planet. Consumers are demanding transparency; they’re highly educated, want more from companies than organic ingredients and eco-packaging, and are prepared to vote with their dollar. David Johnston, Managing Director of Weleda takes your understanding of sustainability beyond the buzzword, explaining why we need a paradigm shift from “sustaining” to “regenerating”. He’ll discuss the importance of biodiversity, explain biodynamics and fair trade, and the important role of retailers now and into the future.

Green Washing vs The Real Deal

Today’s consumer is passionate and educated, often having researched the cosmetic and personal care ingredients online before entering a store. They’re not only wise to greenwashing but can be suspicious of big business and cynical of wild marketing claims. Retailers are being called to raise the bar in both ranging decisions and how they meet the information needs of this new consumer. David Johnston, Managing Director of Weleda goes beyond the hype to explain common misunderstandings, challenges faced by manufacturers and best practices you need to know to separate green washing from the real deal.

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