2-3 Jun 2019

Business Summit Program


Following positive feedback from the 2018 format, the summit continue to split into streams during the day to cover topics tailored to businesses in all stages of the business cycle. Stream 1  focuses on a Business to Business strategy, how to get on the shelf of major retailers, looking at digital business strategies to help grow B2B sales and the Pitch Fest, where you can pick up tips and advice on how to pitch. Stream 2 is targeted at businesses and how they can connect with their consumers, from why you should be doing e-commerce and how to connect with the high value niche audience, to looking at digital and social marketing strategies.

Learn how to get on shelf with major retailers of natural, organic, healthy and premium food and beverage, natural health and beauty and personal care with our panel of elite heavy-weight retailer managers and buyers. They’ll share their extensive experience in buying for major Australian retail across mainstream and independent grocery and the evolving health channel. Gain insider intel on how ranging decisions are made; pitching essentials and how to stand out; attributes of successful products and sought after product types; processes and mandatories; and key actions you can take tomorrow to perfect your pitch to retail.

Hear from:

• Jessica Maree Gordoun, Commercial Category Manager at Coles Local, on the Coles Local strategy, how it supports smaller suppliers and can be a pathway into the broader national grocery network, readiness to supply and hidden costs
• John-Paul Drake, Director of Drakes Supermarkets, on the company’s vision for growing natural, organic and healthy; in-demand products; the importance of packaging; vertical integration and Drakes’ omni-channel approach to business

A new generation of digital native brands is bypassing traditional retailers to create, market, sell, and ship their products themselves. New SaaS technology has reduced barriers to entry, and an explosion of direct-to-consumer (D2C) e-commerce companies are challenging the status quo, radically changing consumer expectations, preferences and the way they shop – all while achieving exponential growth. What sets these brands apart, and if you're not already selling D2C what does it mean for you? Laura Doonin is a leading tech and digital commerce strategist, winning The People’s Choice TedX Idea of Note and Top 50 People in Ecommerce 2019.

She’ll share:

· Why D2C should be part of every brand’s distribution strategy

· Winning strategies used by some of the most successful D2C brands

· The current brand/retailer relationship and how to navigate change

· eCommerce SaaS technology and the best platforms compared

The environment for health brands has changed dramatically during the last few years – growing competition, shrinking shelf space and the ever-changing demands of today’s hyperconnected consumers where personalisation is key, trust is earned, and brands are expected to do, say and be more.

Targeting niche audience segments not only helps brands cut through the noise and increase engagement, but delivers access to new lucrative opportunities.

Peta Shulman is the founder and driving force behind the epic growth of the GoodnessMe Box. She’ll share a decade of experience in reaching niche health audiences both on and offline, including:

· Strategic approaches to going niche without alienating your existing market

· Cost-effective partnerships and how to get a brand 10 times your size to join forces with you

· How smaller and emerging brands are getting the advantage over larger players with niche marketing

· Online and offline examples and case studies in discovering, connecting with and building niche communities

Business-to-business sales are on the verge of a revolution. Major B2C e-commerce players like Amazon have raised the bar for efficient and effective customer service. From online shopping, to banking or ordering our next meal delivery via mobile, we want fast, efficient service – where, how and when we want it. Yet according to McKinsey, our experience in B2B lags behind, with B2B decision makers most frustrated by lack of speed in supplier interactions, well ahead of price. While B2B sales can be more complex, companies embracing digital strategies are reaping the rewards with five times greater revenue growth than their peers using solely traditional methods.

Experienced omni-channel sales and marketing specialist Sonya Keenan shares how to initiate or enhance digital business practices to improve customer relationships, satisfaction and retention; increase efficiency and sales power; and ultimately improve B2B conversion. With more than 20 years in sales and marketing roles, Sonya shares practical insight to help you use digital to get more products on shelves!

Key learnings include:

· How to find the right balance with digital B2B sales and create hybrid online and offline customer journeys

· Essential and next-level tools to increase conversion and efficiency at key stages of the sales funnel regardless of your business size and stage

· Why companies that integrate sales and marketing functions have the edge

The customer journey is fragmented across multiple channels and devices, making it increasingly harder for brands to breakthrough and connect with their audiences. But there is a way. Producing content native to the platform the consumer is on and customised to where they are in the buying cycle, is critical for any brand looking to achieve and maintain market leadership. Web Profits' in-house marketer, Tam Al-Saad, takes a deep-dive into the content marketing approach Bellamy’s Organics used to win new customers (and retain existing ones) in this detailed case study. You’ll leave this session understanding how to build your own content marketing strategy based on your business goals and customer insights, including which platforms work best and the type of content to use for each phase of the sales funnel.

Present your brand at the Naturally Good Pitch Fest or watch your peers to learn and grow.

The Pitch Fest is packed with invaluable gold nuggets to help you fast-track your success! As a presenting brand you’ll get specific advice on your greatest challenges. If you're in the audience, this is an opportunity to grow with your peers as our panel of esteemed veteran judges share their insight with our five finalists.

The tale of Organic and Raw Trading Co. founder Anthony Crabb brewing kombucha in the back shed to being acquired by Coca-Cola after nine years was one of Australia’s highest profile food and beverage acquisitions of the last year and a turning point in the Australian health food industry.

Organic and Raw Marketing and Sales Director Andrew Buttery joins Design for Health Managing Director Peter Barraket to take a step behind the story to the nuts and bolts of building a fast-growing company and Australia’s favourite kombucha brand, MOJO.

Hands on for the last three years, Andrew shares inside intel on the challenges, key turning points and critical factors in building company value, from product development, managing growth, culture and innovation to cashflow and debt and, of course, what’s next.

About your host:

Peter Barraket draws on almost 20 years’ experience in the health industry with the likes of Blackmores, Vitaco, Mr Vitamins and Goodman Fielder, and his current position with Designs for Health and as CEO of consultancy Natural Core.

Innovation is often born of necessity, but those companies at the leading edge also challenge the status quo to create something truly new and unique. This type of disruptive innovation creates whole new market categories or subcategories around customer needs previously overlooked. But how do you overcome the challenge of always challenging? Challenging the status quo is a challenge in and of itself and having a new, change driving idea isn’t enough. You have to actually bring that idea to life, uniting your vision with the now, with regard for the market, your team and company culture.

Monash Food & Innovation Centre CEO Angeline Achariya draws on two decades of experience in high-level FMCG roles to excite and inspire, delivering actionable insights to help you integrate today’s learnings and be a true innovator in both domestic and global markets.



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