6-7 Jun 2022

Speaker Series

Hear from industry experts and leading companies on a range of the industry's hottest topics. The 2021 Naturally Good speaker series will be free to attend, opening up a world of knowledge for you and your business.

6 - 7 June 2022
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The seminar theatre is the place to learn about what’s now and next with free access to 20 presentations, panels and case studies to grow your business. Hear from some of Australia’s preeminent experts in retail, e-commerce and business strategy across four key themes.

Free to attend again in 2022, the Naturally Good speaker series opens up a world of knowledge to take your business to the next level! Check out the key themes and highlights below from our 2021 event.

Highlight Speakers



Discover emerging consumer trends in natural, organic and healthy packaged goods. Hear from Australia’s alternative protein pioneers, discover what’s next for plant-based, food and drinks trends and how to position your business for opportunities, today, tomorrow and into the future.

Retail Strategy


Thrive in Australia’s changing retail environment with practical tips from leading retailers and business advisors. Hear from retailers in the trenches – how they’re navigating some of today’s greatest business challenges to create engaged communities, unparalleled customer experiences – and ultimately profitable stores.

Consumer Strategy


Take a deep dive into the psyche of today’s adventurous and open-minded consumer. Our speakers deliver practical insights into key consumer segments to help you understand shopping behaviours, perceptions of health, what you need to do now and into the future to meet their needs.


Gain practical insights to take your digital, social media and e-commerce strategies to the next level. These sessions deliver key actions you can take straight away across some of the most topical issues in business today.

Sunday 30 May

Theatre 1

The local and global appetite for Australian certified organic products is growing year on year, but what are consumers buying and why, and how is the Australian organic industry adapting in order to strengthen its future?

Join this in-depth talk to know where opportunities lie and how to take advantage. Hear from Niki Ford, CEO of Australia’s peak industry body, Australian Organic, on the current state of the organic industry; Nick Bez, Research Director from Mobium Group on emerging consumer trends; and Najib Lawand, CEO of Export Connect on the global opportunities for Australian companies.

Independent retailers have a unique advantage over large format in that they can offer significant value; personalised service and customer experience; beautifully curated product ranges; and values-based positioning that meets the growing demand for more conscious consumerism. So why is it that so much of the discourse about independent retail focusses on competition with the “Big Guys”?

Join retail veteran Chris Mackey as he tackles this topic head-on. With leadership experience spanning three decades from Coles Supermarkets and later Metcash (IGA), he’ll break down what it means to reinvent the local shop, why it’s critical to understand how your customers see you, with practical ways to grow your community. Data will give you confidence, culture will make you invincible and by adapting you’ll find the pathway to the future. If you’re in independent retail this session is a must-attend!

Our understanding of health is changing and evolving at a personal level. What is right for me, is different from what is right for you. With data on just about everything available at our fingertips, lifestyle habits, exercise, sleep, dietary choices are becoming more informed and interventions are becoming more personalised than ever. This talk dives into the intersection of health, tech and the growing movement towards hyper-personalisation to discuss factors driving consumer choice and how they’re changing the health market.

Theatre 2

With a projected domestic value of $6 billion by 2023 and 73 per cent of Australian’s regularly using complementary medicines, the market holds many opportunities for Australian retailers. Complementary Medicines Australia CEO Carl Gibson and Industry Development Manager Cameron Thorpe take a deep dive into the chronic diseases driving growth, trending ingredients, and growing categories. They’ll also cover the most popular sales channels across pharmacy, supermarkets and health food stores and compare online and offline sales. If you’re in the market for complementary medicines, this session is not to be missed!

Do you sometimes find yourself heading to the shops for one item and leaving with a carload full of shopping bags? What is it that turns you away from one brand and gets you magically drawn to another?

Welcome to the fascinating world of human decision making and its applications to consumer behavior! Although we could find rational reasons as to why these things happen, 95 per cent of decisions are made below the radar of our conscious minds, in the limbic system of the brain. Leading behavioral science expert Anastasia Lloyd-Wallis shares ways to better understand your target consumers, what drives their behaviour and how to connect with them emotionally.

Building on research conducted by Retail Doctor Group, Anastasia will discuss the current trends in consumer behaviour and what this means for retailers. She’ll break down how consumer personalities can have an impact on their retail habits and how we, as retailers, can understand this and use it to build brand preference and customer pull. Understanding what really matters to the consumer – including and beyond what words can express.

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt or re-learnt during the last year, it’s that flexibility and the willingness to adapt are key ingredients of a successful retail business. For leading complementary medicines company Renovatio Bioscience their traditional exports markets fell away, its supply chain was severed and founder Dr Vincent Candrawinata and his team had to think differently.

In this talk Dr Vincent shares the company’s challenges and pivot strategy and how the changing way customers searched for health information and products online became the cornerstone of a successful influencer campaign.

Monday 31 May

Theatre 1

FY20 saw exponential growth for Australia’s plant-based meat sector, driven by increasing consumer interest and new commercial entrants. Even amidst the significant impacts of COVID-19, a new report by Food Frontier with modelling by Deloitte Access Economics shows the Australian sector doubled its jobs, manufacturing revenue and number of products on shelves from 2019-2020. Hear from Food Frontier’s Head of Industry Engagement, Karen Job, on the report’s findings and how stakeholders across the value chain in Australia can benefit from this emerging industry’s growth trajectory, projected to reach $3 billion by 2030.

Learn about:
• What are alternative proteins and why do we need them
• The global and local landscape for plant-based meat
• Highlights from Food Frontier’s reports; State of the Industry 2020 and Plant Based Meat: A Healthier Choice?
• Future opportunities in this area (product and commercial)

Stressed, political activists, tech dependent and able to spot a fraud a mile off. Born between 1995 and 2015, Gen Z is rapidly becoming Australia’s next purchasing superpower, representing 20 per cent our population and 30 per cent globally! They embrace diversity, prefer to express their individuality over support for brands, advocate for social justice, are entrepreneurial and frugal. Companies need to know the new rules of engagement and understand how their beliefs, behaviours, shopping and consumption habits differ to other generations – especially their older millennial siblings. Will your endeavours to gain Gen Z cred fly or flop? This talk will help you rise to the challenge!

The Naturally Good Pitch Fest Finals Competition gives 5 pre-selected brands the opportunity to pitch for the chance to win a valuable prize package, including a free booth at Naturally Good in 2022. Held for the first time on the expo floor, finalists will pitch to a panel of esteemed judges and expo visitors – including retailers, distributors and investors!

Natural products are a personal purchase, however, many online stores are nothing more than a digitised catalogue. With ever-increasing competition, retailers and DTC brands are challenged to find a point of difference as they battle to compete without extreme discounting. Matthew Pezzimenti is passionate about helping companies create personalised experiences for their customers that increase profit and grows market share, one customer at a time. In this fast-paced and information-rich talk, Matthew shares real-life examples you can apply to your own online business.

• What is online personalisation and how it will give you the edge
• Basic, intermediate and advanced examples
• Tools required - including free ones to get started
• How to start and prioritise your personalisation journey

Theatre 2

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the fastest-growing markets with consumers driving unprecedented demand across the world. Globally regulations vary and, while consumers educate themselves online about the benefits, there’s still confusion in Australia about the drug and how to access it.

In February this year the Therapeutic Drugs Administration officially down-scheduled certain CBD products allowing consumers to purchase low-dose (to a maximum of 150mg per day) over the counter from a pharmacist without a doctor’s prescription. Yet companies still need to apply to register their applicable products, meaning it could be sometime before we’re seeing this happen in practice.

Despina Lord, Head of Market - Pharmaceutical Cannabis at leading cannabis company BOD Australia clarifies the state of play. She’ll cover:

• The endocannabinoid system, major uses for CBD and why it’s so ground-breaking
• How leading players are responding globally
• The regulatory environment in Australia for retailers and manufacturers.

Voice has been rising as a topic among digital marketers and many are promoting it as the next big thing for Search Engine Optimisation. Voice search allows users to search for information or a local business verbally by asking a question in a natural language on a smartphone, smart device or a computer rather than using the traditional text-based search. Research by global retail experts Navar indicates 43 per cent of of voice-enabled device owners use their device to shop.

Expected to fetch 50 per cent of the global search market by the end of this year, it’s fair to say Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant are now part of our daily lives and changing how we search for products, places and solutions. But how does it affect you and should you invest in a voice strategy now? Whether you sell globally, nationally or own a local bricks and mortar store, this session will share everything you need to know today to keep pace with the rise of voice.

The events of 2020 caused a fundamental reset in human behaviour. Recognising this transformation, Mintel Senior Consultant Adriana Heinzen will explore 2021 Global Food and Drink Trends inspired by recent shifts in consumer purchases and attitudes across industries. In 2021 and beyond, expect food and drink companies to create mental and emotional wellbeing solutions, deliver on new value needs, and use brands to celebrate people’s identities.

She’ll cover three key trends you need to know:

Feed The Mind
Innovative food and drink formulations will offer solutions for mental and emotional wellbeing that will create a new foundation for healthy eating.

Quality Redefined
Brands will be challenged to respond to new definitions of trust, quality, and ‘essential’.

United By Food
Food and drink brands can balance a person’s need to feel unique and special with the desire to be part of communities of like-minded individuals.

Timetable is subject to change. Updates will be published here accordingly.

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