5-6 Jun 2023

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Hear from industry experts and leading companies on a range of the industry's hottest topics. The 2023 Speaker Series program will be made available closer to the event dates.

5 - 6 June 2023
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The seminar theatre is the place to learn about what’s now and next with free access presentations, panels and case studies to grow your business. Hear from some of Australia’s preeminent experts in retail, e-commerce and business strategy across three key themes.

Have a look at what was discussed at Naturally Good 2022 and stay tuned for the 2023 program closer to the event!



2022 Program

Theatre 1

Australia’s market for healthy food and drink is growing and evolving fast. The interest in healthier food coincides with many factors in our society, from our desire to look and feel good, nutritional needs, food intolerances, sustainability and, of course, the impact of COVID-19. The big question is, how does this affect the attitudes, behaviours, consumption and buying habits of Australian consumers? The pandemic has given people time to consider their health and lifestyle choices. This reset has given rise to permanent changes that represent a seismic shift in the healthy foods market. Davidson Branding Founder Grant Davidson draws on nearly 150 global and local reports, case studies, and insights from experts, including Mintel, Roy Morgan and Future Foods to present key consumer drivers for now and beyond.

Immunity is a leading consumer concern with opportunities abound for retailers, brand owners and product manufacturers. This information-rich session, sponsored by Kerry ingredients and presented by renowned herbalist, naturopath and nutritionist Despina Lord, shares how you can take advantage.

With more than 25 years’ in natural medicine, Despina has worked as a practitioner, in retail, and with some of Australia’s leading brands including Blackmores and Swisse, where she launched award winning products. In this fast-paced session she’ll share best practice examples of immunity innovation with a deep dive into Kerry’s specialised immunity ingredient, Wellmune® looking at how it works and how you can use it to drive sales.

There’s banter abound in today’s competitive retail environment about loss of loyalty in favour of convenience. Or is it price? The good news is, customer loyalty isn’t dead. But it does require some serious attention. In a world where personalisation is everything, customers are expecting more from their retail experiences. True loyalty comes from creating a sense of community, not just rewards. It requires a deep understanding of your customers on an emotional level, their needs, motivations and different drivers for shopping at your store over another.

Retail Doctor Group Chief Operating Officer and Head of Consumer Insights Anastasia Lloyd-Wallis will help you understand your customer to build loyalty beyond the transaction. She’ll cover interactions on their entire journey with you so you’ll leave this session knowing how to build an experience that has them walking past your competitor to shop with you.

Done right and the retailer-supplier partnership can be pure gold. Often under-rated, partnership marketing can help each business acquire new customers while sharing resources. Combined with public relations and the right activity can help bring both brands to life in new and exciting ways, gain media attention, go viral on social media and ultimately, amplify exposure.

Straight UP PR Account Director Nastasia Marjanovic and her team have guided the public relations activities of some of Australia’s most well-known health and wellness companies including MOJO Kombucha, Pic’s Peanut Butter, and Whole Earth & Sea, often engineering partnerships with retailers and other brands. Drawing from case studies and industry best practices, she’ll discuss how to identify and facilitate a good partnership, generate winning ideas and work together for success!

What’s the key to viral Instagram growth in 2022? That’s right - it’s using the platform’s latest feature, Instagram Reels! Those nailing it with Reels are not only seeing their engagement metrics rise, it’s also helping them turn followers into dollars. But figuring out the perfect strategy and putting it into action consistently is a challenge.

Meet Alisha Marfatia - Nova podcast host, founder of The Social Impact and co-creator of the Rise with Reels course. In this fast-paced talk she’ll share why Reels must be part of your 2022 social marketing strategy and her top tips and tricks for getting the most out of using the feature. From planning, to generating content ideas, selling strategies and pitfalls to dodge, this is your ultimate crash course to Reel success.

Theatre 2

"With misinformation and false claims rife, there’s growing demand for transparent labelling as credibility and trust rise to the top of consumers’ agenda. During the past two years we’ve become more educated in how to look for certifications and credentials  we can trust - including in products labelled as “organic”. Regulations are evolving and new changes will make it easier for consumers to determine true organic status.

Join Australian Organic Chief Executive Officer Niki Ford as she explains what the proposed domestic organic regulations will mean for marketing products as organic when they’re not certified. She’ll discuss organic market trends and consumer insights, with Claire Maloney from The Bravery diving into truth in labelling and the importance of integrity in marketing. If you manufacture or sell products labelled as “organic” this session is a must!"

It’s good for the planet, good for your health and satisfies our desire for umami flavours. No wonder consumers can’t get enough of seaweed! The market for this super sea vegetable is growing at 10 per cent year on year and is expected to hit USD $37.8 billion by 2028. Join Pacific Harvest Managing Director Hayley Fraser-Mackenzie for this ‘Seaweed Masterclass’ where she’ll help you understand the category a little more deeply and take advantage of the many market opportunities it offers.

She’ll cover the three colour groups of seaweeds – green, brown and red – and why all three are important, and different to each other. She’ll cover the nutritious, cleansing and balancing health benefits of seaweeds, their various taste profiles, provide tips on eating seaweed daily as well as illustrate how eating more seaweed can help to tackle climate change.

North America’s $200 billion+ natural products market - the world’s largest and fastest-growing market for natural, organic, and better-for-you products – has always been an indicator of what’s next to hit our shores. How has the US market evolved during the last few years and is it still as influential in our domestic market?

Bob Burke is a globally renowned health and specialty products expert and a sought-after speaker at Expo West and East, BevNet, and The Specialty Food Association’s Winter and Summer Fancy Food Shows in the US; serves on advisory boards of many top USA natural product companies; and guides the strategies of leading natural, organic and specialty food manufacturers and retailers worldwide. Fresh from his time at Expo West and Natural Products UK, he’ll share the emerging and growing trends you need to know for this year and beyond.

The recent rescheduling of CBD to a pharmacist only medication will open up the market and access for consumers to be able to buy alternative natural products for the treatment of some chronic conditions. While not available now there are a number of clinical trials taking place and a number of companies in the race to get the first product to market. The Oz Medicann Group is leading the challenge with a unique formulation for clinical insomnia. Founder John Leith hosts a panel of prominent complementary medicine researchers and sleep experts to talk about the changing regulations and the interaction of CBD on sleep related disorders.

Skincare’s growth can be attributed to the unique position it occupies among trends - a growing desire for health-promoting and self-care products, increasing interest in the power of routines, ingredients and the science behind it that hone in on the knowledge and relationships between brands and consumers.

Wellness-focused innovation may be mainstreaming in facial skincare, but brands continue to try to be more disruptive in this space to stand out and help reduce consumer's stress levels or improve consumer's quality of sleep.

Skincare trends from Asia Pacific have revolutionized the beauty industry over the past decade. Innovation powerhouses such as South Korea and Japan, where K-Beauty and J-Beauty first developed, continue to be important markets along with the current rise of C-Beauty that offer inspirations to the rest of Asia and the globe.

Join Sharon Kwek Mintel, Director of Consulting, South APAC, Mintel Beauty & Personal Care, to explore some of the mainstream and emerging skincare trends in Asia.

Theatre 1

The pandemic has left lasting changes on consumers’ globally impacted lifestyles and priorities. The importance of ethics, the changing role of identity and the influence of technology will impact the future of beauty.

Consumers want to see companies broadcast measurable sustainable efforts, embrace self-expression through digital identities and highlight authentic beauty through cultural appreciation. Join KinShen Chan, Mintel’s Senior Beauty & Personal Care Analyst based in Singapore as he shares what we can expect this year and beyond in beauty.

As Australian consumers we're educated, taking charge of our health and actively looking for alternative solutions to both treat and prevent illness. Seventy-three percent of us are using complementary medicines regularly and it shows in our market, expected to reach $6 billion by 2023.

Accelerated in many ways by COVID-19 the industry now faces pandemic related supply chain challenges that impact us all. Complementary Medicines Australia CEO Carl Gibson and Industry Development Manager Cameron Thorpe look at the impact COVID-19 has had on the supply chain, challenges in accessing world class ingredients and what it means for both manufacturers, retailers and consumers now and into the future. They’ll share sales data across the industry, the chronic diseases driving growth, the innovations, trends - and the fads that have captivated us during the last year.

The Pitch Fest sponsored by Kadac Finals Competition gives 5 pre-selected brands the opportunity to pitch for the chance to win a valuable prize package, including a free booth at Naturally Good in 2022. Finalists will pitch to a panel of esteemed judges and expo visitors with the winner announced at the end of the pitch.

Click here to learn more and apply.

During the last two years we've had a lot of time to reflect on our lives and consider the impacts of our purchasing decisions. Mounting research shows consumers support brands that reflect their values and have one strong social purpose that demonstrates how they're making the world a better place.

Social Mission founder Dora Nikols lives and breathes social purpose and its relationship with storytelling and public relations. She'll unpack some of the best purpose-driven PR campaigns and leave you knowing how to find and share your social purpose to gain meaningful publicity and create content that wins the hearts and minds of your audience.

Parts of the natural product industry were hit hard during the past few years, enduring multiple lockdowns, changing consumer behaviours and uncertainty. Those in food, drink, beauty and personal care who relied solely on bricks and mortar stores lost market share, enduring massive sales hits. Others saw demand surge online and made nimble pivots towards heavier investment in ecommerce, allowing new and smaller natural brands to gain an advantage.

Why have smaller brands thrived and will this new online shopping behaviour stick? And how do brands and retailers navigate this new multi-channel environment? Join GoodnessMe Founder Peta Shulman as she shares recent data on what young consumers are prepared to pay more for; how to create a frictionless experience and retain customers, and how to work together with retailers for success.

Theatre 2

Opinionated, tech native and breaking all the rules, getting to know Get Z is critical for every founder and marketer looking to the future. Born between 1995 and 2015, Gen Z amasses 20 percent of our population. With the oldest in their early 20s and entering the business world, they’re on their way to becoming Australia’s next purchasing superpower! But their behaviour is unlike generations before them - they use social differently, expect more from brands, and shop in fragmented ways older generations would never have believed possible. Join youth marketing specialist David Willey as he decodes Gen Z - likes and dislikes, where they hang out, rules of engagement and what it takes to get them to shop with you.

COVID-19 put a spotlight on our health like never before. Consumer behaviour is changing with growing value in health that’s driving demand for healthier options, new ingredients and formats. We’re taking action to improve both our physical and emotional wellbeing. But now that we’re ‘living with COVID’ what does that mean for 2022 and beyond? Join Despina Lord, Technical Sales Manager – Health and Nutrition at Kerry ANZ for this research driven talk on the future of sustainable health and nutrition, the top mega trends and what they mean for you.

There’s no denying COVID-19 has fundamentally altered how we think and act on our health and wellbeing. But perhaps what isn’t as clear, is the extent to which these changes can be considered positives or negatives, and how they impact business for both manufacturers and retailers. Two years on from the start of the pandemic, leading online retailer healthylife took the nation’s pulse to produce its first Living Healthy Report.

Led by Chief Health Officer Simone Austin, the Woolworths-owned business surveyed thousands of Australians on key health factors covering everything from what we eat to how we’re moving. Along with analysed shopping basket data from 2019-2021, Simone will reveal topics where consumers are hungry for information. Simone is an Accredited Practising Dietitian, Advanced Sports Dietitian and well-known for her work with many of Australia’s elite men’s sporting teams and her book, Eat Like An Athlete. A critical session on our 2022 Speaker Series agenda, you’ll leave this fast-paced and information rich talk with a good understanding of how our health has fared in the last two years and ultimately what it means for your business.



Discover emerging consumer trends in natural, organic and healthy packaged goods. Discover what’s next for food, drinks, beauty and complementary medicines and how to position your business for opportunities, today, tomorrow and into the future.

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Thrive in Australia’s changing retail environment with practical tips from leading retailers and business advisors. Hear from retailers in the trenches – how they’re navigating some of today’s greatest business challenges to create engaged communities, unparalleled customer experiences – and ultimately profitable stores.

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Take a deep dive into the psyche of today’s shoppers! Our speakers deliver practical insights into key consumer segments, like Gen Z, to help you understand who they are, where they hang out, shopping behaviours perceptions so you know what you need to do now and into the future to meet their needs.

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