8 Ways to Create a Cashcow Countertop

Apr 3, 2019

Your shelves are stocked and the aisles are clean but what do your customers see when they get to the register? Transform your countertop into a cash cow with these simple but effective tips that can increase sales and improve customer satisfaction.

1.    Low Price Point

DO: Encourage impulse buys by showcasing relatively low-dollar, novel items that delight most of your customers. Keep the price point under $20, $10 or less is even better.

Avoid using your countertop as a clearance aisle. Don’t place discounted, slow-selling items on the counter as there is a reason they didn’t sell in the first place.

2.    Clever Signage

DO: Keep your message short and tempting. Try ‘These make a great afternoon snack!’. Or create a sense of urgency with ‘Save Now!’ or ‘Limited Time Only’ offers. It should take no more than seven words to grab a customer’s interest.

Make sure your signage is professional, clear and in good condition. A handwritten or damaged sign is a deterrent and distraction to the products.

3.    Engage and Entertain

DO: Create an enticing display that evokes intrigue and engagement. Samples or products that encourage touch create a customer experience that increases the chances of a sale.

Pro Tip: Curb boredom and frustration while waiting in long lines by offering tastings. If you have a small countertop, try placing items in display bins along your checkout line to keep customers browsing while they wait.

4.    Keep it Simple

DO: Limit the number of products on display. One to two products is usually enough. The lack of choice makes it an easy yes/no decision.

Don’t overload your counter with special offers, samples, and trial-sized products – they can discourage further buying. Keep it simple and leave plenty of room for shoppers to conduct their transaction.

5.    Impulse Items Only

DO: Offer items often purchased on impulse or for immediate satisfaction. Understand your customer’s needs well and meet them with an item that they can’t refuse. Snacks or frequently forgotten items are great choices.

Remember: Impulse buys needs to be affordable. If the price is too high, customers may deliberate too long and decide not to buy. Keep the decision easy with low-cost options. For higher priced items, make sure they would solve a problem -i.e. reusable shopping bags, an entertaining platter, or last minute gift ideas.

6.    Stay Fresh

DO: Keep the counter displays fresh and change them weekly. Timing is everything. Keep the products and offers relevant and display items according to priority levels.

An old display or dusty product is immediately undesirable. Keep displays dusted and orderly, and change out promotional displays quickly after they end.

7.    Cashier Etiquette

DO: Train staff on the latest specials and empower them to start conversations with ‘did you find everything you needed today?’ or ‘would you like to add on [relevant product]?’

Avoid pushy sales talk and ensure staff are respectful of a customers’ wishes – accepting when they refuse an offer.


8.    Highlight Your Loyalty Program

DO: Invest in future sales by offering a loyalty program. While you may not increase your immediate sales, you are paving the way for long-term customer loyalty and increased sales over time.

Don’t forget to use a sign. Signs provide an opportunity for customers to read about the program while the cashier is busy finishing an order. A well-trained staff member can then follow through with the registration much quicker.

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This article was provided by Unique Health Products. They will be exhibiting at Naturally Good at stand J28, from 2-3 June 2019. 

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