Five Things Australian Mums Want From Health and Wellness Brands

Aug 23, 2018

Written by Katrina McCarter

According to the Global Wellness Institute, the Wellness industry is valued at $3.7 trillion and is experiencing double digit growth. In the last decade the arrival of new Health and Wellness products, services and innovations has been at an all-time high, and with that, competition is at its toughest yet. Yet, one of the key consumer segments fuelling this growth is feeling misunderstood. Mothers, who are responsible for 80% of consumer spending, are dissatisfied with the way brands are communicating with them.

Marketing to Mums has surveyed more than 1800 Mums in Australia, and uncovered that a staggering 63% of Mums believe brands and advertisers don’t understand them. So, how well do you know them? And, more importantly, how well do Mums know you?

1. Niche

Not all mums are the same. By treating mums as one homogenous group you repel the very mother you are wanting to attract. There are 6.2 million mothers in Australia and they all have different interests, motivations and preferred communication methods. Your job as a business owner is to determine who your most profitable mum segment is, and then build a strategy around this niche segment.

Focusing on a niche segment of the Mum market within the wellness industry yields the greatest rewards. Identifying your most profitable niche is a most critical foundation in your business and is worth investing in. It will pay back in droves. Use your existing data, and listen to what mums are saying on your social media handles and in groups. If you still need help, get a marketing professional to assist you to run a research project.

2. Maximise Testimonials

Testimonials are the number one reason mums buy. According to our Marketing to mums research findings, testimonials are more influential than mum-to-mum recommendations. It’s essential that you create a system for asking for testimonials and then promote these on all your marketing communications. If you run health and wellness events, consider filming testimonials from participants straight after your event. This can be candid and done on your phone.

Turn on recommendations on your Facebook page and regularly share consumer testimonials in your marketing communications to further encourage mums to share their feedback with you. mums don’t need to know the mums giving the testimonials, they just need to consider that these women are ‘just like them’. Used well, testimonials will quickly accelerate mums’ path to purchase.

3. Storytelling

Stories connect mums. Harness the power of storytelling to amplify your differences and communicate your features and benefits. Stories facilitate an emotional connection with your brand and storytelling can be used to humanise your brand and drive significant sales growth. The most powerful and influential story you can tell is your brand story; what your brand stands for, your vision for your brand and how you want to make your customers feel. In a world where mums feel many brands are out of touch, storytelling can be effective to say, “Hey, we get you.”

4. Keep It Real

Mums feel a disconnect between advertising and their reality. Painting a ‘real’ picture of her life shows you understand mums. It’s important to show the complexity of their lives. Be real as they are looking for authenticity. Marketing to Mums research has revealed that the number one thing keeping mums awake at night is the health and wellbeing of their children. Speak to this concern and help her. By being real you will quickly build rapport with your ideal Mum. Also, don’t forget diversity. mums want you to show the changing diversity in parenting with same sex couples, single and solo parenting.

5. Utilise Cause Marketing

A Cone Cause Evolution Study has revealed that 92% of Mums want to buy a product which supports a cause. Furthermore, 61% of mums have purchased a cause related product in the past twelve months. Mums like to support a cause. Consider how you might collaborate with a cause which is aligned with your brand values.

Mums are a powerful and lucrative consumer segment. They are of critical importance in the Health and Wellness space. If you want to gain a commercial advantage in an increasingly competitive marketplace we recommend you embrace these five tips to really connect with Mums and build long lasting relationships with your brand.


About the author

Katrina McCarter

Katrina McCarter, Founder & CEO, Marketing to Mums

Katrina McCarter is the Founder and CEO of Marketing to Mums, a research and marketing consultancy. She is a marketing strategist, best-selling author, international speaker and consultant who specialises in understanding mothers as a powerful market sector, through experience and research.  Katrina is highly regarded for her creative growth strategies and her ability to negotiate strategic partnerships, and works with both small and big businesses to increase sales and profits selling to mums.  An award-winning businesswoman and mother to three, Katrina is an accomplished international speaker and regular contributor to business media and has featured on ABC Radio, Channel 7, The Age, Sydney Morning Herald and SmartCompany.  Find out more at


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Marketing to Mums

Marketing to Mums has worked with many brands helping them identify their most profitable Mum segment and assisting them develop a yield strategy.  Astute marketers are investing resources to gather deep insights about Mums to deliver a significant commercial advantage and reap considerable financial gain. The question is, will you?

If you need some help, the Marketing to Mums Assessment uses bespoke diagnostic tools to identify key gaps and opportunities to grow your sales and profit. It provides a great opportunity to upskill your team and understand your key priorities in growing your share of the Mum market.

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